DAILY PLANET Features Week-Long Look at Ingenius Gadgets When “Invent This!” Week Returns, February 2-6 on Discovery

— January 29, 2015

– Canada’s favourite science show scours the globe to meet wacky inventors aiming to change the world –
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TORONTO (January 29, 2015) – Canada’s favourite science program, DAILY PLANET, looks at some of the past year’s most inconceivable, out-of-this-world inventions during “Invent This!” Week, a week of special coverage airing at 7 p.m. ET beginning this Monday, Feb. 2 through Friday, Feb. 6 on Discovery. Throughout the week, Hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin meet the creative thinkers turning great ideas into the next big thing, and putting their inventions to the test. From go karts that ride on ice to a robotic couch, and an indestructible notebook that can survive underwater, DAILY PLANET is readying to showcase the most absurdly brilliant inventions that must be seen to be believed! Just genius! Daily Planet’s annual “Invent This!” Week, Feb. 2-6 on Discovery **Media Note** Photography for DAILY PLANET available online at BellMediaPR.ca. Highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Invent This!” Week include: Alpha Leg Riding Artist and technical whiz Jonathan Tippett is building a huge, ride-on robot. Eventually, it will be a four-legged wearable frame, but for now Tippet’s completed a single giant leg and he wants to see how much it rocks and rolls with someone on board. With the leg mounted onto a frame, the inventor straps himself in, slips his arm into the control sleeve, and lets the leg have its way with him. The Strongest Pot of Coffee Aimed at construction workers, campers, hunters, and anyone who likes their small appliances a little on the rugged side, COFFEEBOXX is rustproof, waterproof, nearly indestructible, and works compatibly with any K-Cup coffee pod. It is so tough, it survived off-roading and even having a car parked on it. DAILY PLANET puts it to the ultimate test of strength during “Invent This” Week, adding more weight on top than has ever been tried before to see if it is uncrushable. Bling for the Man’s Man Bruce Boone has made the ultimate “Man Ring” - fully equipped with a comb, bottle opener, iPhone stand, and more. Boone is a mechanical engineer by trade who always wanted to make funky jewelry out of titanium and meteorite materials. Never having the millions of dollars necessary to buy the laser cutting machine required to make his dream a reality, he built one himself. Ice Go Kart Wisconsin ice fisherman Adam Ford believes his Ice Go Kart will revolutionize the sport of ice fishing. Lighter than a snowmobile, it can go further to where the ice is thinner – and where the fish are more plentiful. DAILY PLANET catches up with Ford as he changes up the gears to get more torque and demonstrates his invention on a frozen lake. Toughest Notebook A group of inventors have created the Touch book – a notebook that’s water, oil, and mud resistant. It’s even survived being set on fire. What’s more, writers are able to pen their thoughts underwater as the Touch paper performs the same underwater as on the surface. Steam Bike A couple of amateur inventing buddies have come up with an idea for a steam-powered bike that uses sustainable wood chips for fuel. The contraption will have a biomass engine, which gives off a gas that condenses to steam. The rider pedals air into the expansion motor to generate one horsepower, resulting in 25 miles of distance for every two pounds of wood chips used. DAILY PLANET checks out the duo’s early prototypes and a test of their new steam engine. Maria Flying Car Part car and part excavator, when people see Bruce Tomb’s invention they generally have no idea what they’re looking at. It’s 2015 – so while the flying cars once anticipated to be available by now are not quite there yet, Tomb has built the closest thing he could to his dream machine. Mountain Horse Snow Bike With the agility of a dirt bike and the winter-gripping power of a snowmobile, the Mountain Horse Snow Bike makes easy work of extreme terrain and deep powder. Sold as a conversion kit, it bolts onto a regular dirt bike. DAILY PLANET follows a trio of female champion dirt-bike racers from Southern California as they attempt to master this geared-up gadget. Robo Couch It’s a common scene in homes these days: people lounging on the couch and binge-watching their favourite TV series. If only there was an electric couch to bring people to the fridge when the urge to snack strikes. DAILY PLANET reports that dreams are about to come true! A team of engineering students at the University of New South Wales in Australia have created the Robo Couch!

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