DAILY PLANET Gnaws Its Way Into SHARK WEEK! Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin Return For Five Nights of Shark Programming, on Discovery

— July 21, 2014

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TORONTO (July 21, 2014) – For the first time in networkhistory, Discovery Canada’s flagship series  DAILYPLANET joins “SharkWeek 2014” – specialty TV’s most iconic summer event! PremieringMonday, August 11 through Friday, August 15 at 7 p.m.ET, Canada’s favourite science program returns earlyfrom hiatus for five special “Shark Week” episodes – featuringdozens of original Canadian “Shark Week” stories and content –from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Cape Cod, New Orleans, the Florida Keys,and the Bahamas. Anchored by jaw-some co-hosts ZiyaTong and Dr. Dan Riskin – eachepisode spotlights the planet’s biggest, most enigmatic species of sharks –including the baskingshark, cow shark, great hammerhead shark,great white shark,blue shark, bullshark, blacktipshark, and even an extinct shark – the helicoprion!


Jawsomereturn: Ziya and Dan co-host special DAILY PLANET SHARK WEEK programming,beginning August 11 at 7 p.m. ET

DAILY PLANETShark Week” highlightsinclude:

Shark Antibiotics

Florida sees the highest number of shark bites in the world – something WestPalm Beach trauma surgeon Dr. Robert Borrego has seen first-hand. When a victimcomes rushing into his hospital, he has to deliver a cocktail of antibiotics –because no one knows what harmful bacteria is lurking in the mouths of sharks.But now, the doctor has teamed up with Nova Southeastern University to get tothe bottom of this mystery. DAILY PLANET goes along for theride – from Florida to “Shark Paradise” in the Bahamas – where they will try tocatch and swab inside the mouths of as many sharks that they can get their handson!

Great White

DAILY PLANET goes cruising with Chris Berger – a formershark hunter who’s become the most unique shark conservationist in the world.After living his life on the ocean and seeing the importance of these predatorshe’s now dedicated to bringing great whites to scientists – right ontothe deck of his ship! Berger searches for the biggest female great white he canfind, get samples, and then release her to track her whereabouts for the rest ofher life.

Shark Cameraman

Few people on Earth have spent as much time in the water with the ocean’smost-feared predator as shark cameraman Andy Brandy Casagrande. DAILYPLANET joins the fearlessEMMY® Award-winner on assignment in the Bahamas.(Note: Discovery presents two specials with Andy Casagrande during“Shark Week 2014”: LAIR OF THE MEGA SHARK airs Thursday at 10 p.m.; GREAT WHITEMATRIX airs Friday at 10 p.m.)

Basking Sharks                            

Weighing the equivalent of an African elephant – little is known about theenigmatic basking shark…until now. DAILY PLANET joins Queen’sUniversity scientists Emmett Johnston and Dr. Jon Houghton on a high-techtagging mission at the northernmost tip of Ireland – where hundreds of baskingsharks congregate for only a short time every year. Employing first-of-its-kindtechnology, a unique group of data recorders enables the Queen’s team toreconstruct shark movements, energy consumption, and underwater pathways in3D. 


Hammerheads at Night               **Media Note: This story available online atBellMediaPR.ca**

DAILY PLANET journeys to the Bahamas with videographer andexplorer Joe Romeiro to film what he describes as “the unicorn for underwatercameramen” – the great hammerhead shark. Seeing these huge predators while scubadiving during daylight hours is very rare – seeing them at night is almostunheard of. Romeiro and a small team of intrepid divers set out after dark –overcoming their fears and capturing incredible footage.

Blacktip SharkMigration

Just off Miami and Fort Lauderdale beaches’,sharks congregate by the thousands.  And they hang out swimming-distancefrom the shorelines. Why the sharks mass there is a mystery, so a localshark expert Stephen Kajiura has taken it upon himself to findout. DAILY PLANET travels by plane and boat asKajiura spots them from the air and catches them in the water to try and learnmore about one of nature’s most ferocious predators.

Sharks by the Numbers

From biggest-to-smallest and fastest-to-slowest, sharks may be the mostdiverse and fascinating species of fish in existence. In this feature,DAILY PLANET unveils some of the quirkiest, most impressive,and surprising elements of shark anatomy.

A newly re-designed Discovery.caallows viewers to experience jaw-dropping “Shark Week” content like never before– with even more chances to interact with co-hosts ZiyaTong and Dr. Dan Riskin!Exclusive content at DAILY PLANET’s showpageand social platforms (Facebookand Twitter)includes awesome photos from producers featuring shark attacks; raw footage fromDAILY PLANET producers swimming with sharks; a robust YouTubeplaylist to get viewers hooked-in; and, finally a LIVE opportunity to socializevia DAILY PLANET’s Twitteraccount with filmmaker Rob Stewart from Sharkwater.


An international success story, DAILYPLANET is produced by Exploration Production Inc.(EPI), a production house wholly owned by Discovery Canada. The series’Executive Producer is Kelly McKeown; Senior Producers are Agatha Rachpaul andSteven Hunt; Supervising Producer is Heather Sherman; Managing Producer is ErinMackie; and Director is John Morrison.

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