DAILY PLANET Pushes to the Edge with “Anything for the Shot” Week, October 6–10 on Discovery

— September 4, 2014

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TORONTO (September 4, 2014) – Discovery’s DAILY PLANET embeds with the planet’s most innovative adventure-seekers during “Anything for the Shot” Week! Premiering Monday, October 6 at 7 p.m. ET and running through Friday, October 10, Canada’s favourite science program spotlights exceptional people doing anything it takes for that one camera shot of a lifetime. Anchored by co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dr. Dan Riskin, stories range from a husband and wife team in Honduras trying to break a free-diving world record – and need the footage to prove it – to an explorer in Hawaii who’s creating a special light box to capture iridescent creatures of the deep. From flying cameras, to ridiculously high-speed cameras, to ones that strap on Fido…DAILY PLANET shows viewers the world in a whole new way!


DAILY PLANET co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dr. Dan Riskin present the planet’s most innovative adventure-seekers on “Anything for the Shot” Week, beginning October 6 at 7 p.m. ET on Discovery

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Highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Anything for the Shot” Week include:

Blackwater Drift

Every night off Hawaii’s shores, swarms of extraordinary deep-sea creatures ascend to the surface to feed in the pitch black waters. Usually, this massive migration goes unnoticed. But when marine biologist and underwater filmmaker Craig Musburger is around, it gets captured in high-definition for all to see.

Crocodile Photography

Photographer Amanda Cotton gets too close for comfort with rare American crocodiles in Chinchorro – the largest atoll in the Caribbean – and a two-hour boat ride from the Mexico-Belize border. Rarely-seen crocodiles live in the mangrove swamp, but Cotton wants to draw them out into the clear waters to get her shot…

No Limits Free Dive

Champion free diver Christina Santa Maria and her husband, Eusebio, have mastered exploring the underwater world on a single breath for minutes at a time. Now, the duo trains to go where few have gone before – diving with a weighted sled, plunging to depths of 160 metres – and more!

Biggest Whale Shark

DAILY PLANET co-host Ziya Tong dives into Mexican waters to meet the world’s largest sharks. But just how big can they get? Biologist Rafael de la Parra answers the question using lasers mounted on a frame, and recording it all with a camera.

Shark-Tracking Robots

DAILY PLANET embeds with a special team for a “shark virtual world” mission as they try to build 3D imagery of what sharks actually see and how they react to their environment.  This is an immersive multi-camera experience: the first camera sits on the back of a shark, post-tagging, and the second camera is an aerial drone.


Chris Newman uses a remote control helicopter to shoot his footage on location, and gets epic shots no other type of camera gets. Snow, heights, and waterfalls don’t faze him – this is one director who will go to any lengths to get his shot. DAILY PLANET follows Newman to the canyons of Utah to capture a daredevil slackliner.


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