Discovery Celebrates a Decade of Dents, Dings, and Disastrous Drivers! Season 10 of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER Premieres October 27

— October 2, 2014

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TORONTO (October 2, 2014) – With aluminum and tin as the traditional 10th Anniversary gifts, heaps of twisted automotive metal isn’t far off the mark! Celebrating a decade, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER returns to Discovery for Season 10, premiering Monday, October 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. With more than 7,000 worst driver nominations, 64 horrific drivers, 198 challenges, 50 seriously wrecked cars -- and just one really brave host, Andrew Younghusband – the past nine seasons have tackled the hazards of winter driving, adapted high-performance tips from the racetrack, and manouvered through big city gridlock. And now, for Season 10, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER contends with the most rampant challenge on the roads today: Distracted driving.


Buckle up!  CANADA’S WORST DRIVER returns to Discovery for Season 10, beginning October 27

As Discovery’s most successful program ever, Season 10 has the potential to change bad behaviours behind the wheel of eight new participants – and indeed the driving habits of viewers across Canada. Season 9 reached 9.8 million Canadians (2+) and increased its audience by 12% over Season 8. And since it launched in 2005, Canadians have consumed over 123 million hours of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER – that’s more than 3.5 entire episodes on average for every man, woman and child (P2+) in the country!

To the relief of drivers and pedestrians across Canada, series host and writer Andrew Younghusband has hauled  eight disastrous drivers off the road and safely sequestered them at the now-familiar Driver Rehabilitation Centre. CANADA’S WORST DRIVER follows the drivers, each nominated by a friend or family member, as they are put through their paces in a controlled driving environment and evaluated by a panel of driving experts. Each episode features the tried-and-tested challenges viewers have come to love, each designed to push the drivers to their limits and teach them crucial safe driving skills – all with an eye to eliminate driver distraction. Each driver must master basic training and more advanced techniques before graduating from Rehab. Week by week, the most improved driver will claim their keys, leave Rehab, and merge back into the driving lane until only one driver – the worst – is left standing.

Buckled in and ready for Driver Rehab, CANADA’S WORST DRIVER Season 10 participants are:

  • Chanie, from Calgary, Alta., never learned to drive. The day she got her license in small town PEI was only the second time she had been behind the wheel. Technically she should have failed that test, but the adjudicator passed her after showing her what to do. For the next three years Chanie did not drive once. Now living in Calgary, Chanie is completely unprepared for big city driving. Rather than paying attention to the roads, Chanie texts, eats, drinks, takes selfies, and blasts music to keep herself entertained. Her boyfriend, Jeremy, finds driving with Chanie so stressful he refuses to lend her his vehicle – and refuses to be her passenger.


  • Siham, a Calgary, Alta., resident who is originally from Morocco, learned to drive in Halifax. She was an average driver, but four years ago in Calgary, Siham got rear-ended in a four-car pileup. Since then, she’s been terrified to drive. Now when Siham is behind the wheel, she swears a blue streak and forgets everything she ever learned. She feels that her inability to drive is affecting her confidence, her family, and her career as a civil engineer. She has even sought counselling to overcome her fear. Siham has been nominated for Rehab by her husband, Wayne.


  • George, from St. Catharines, Ont., is a highway bully with a short fuse – he drives by his own rules and ignores everyday driving courtesies. George speeds, tailgates, and slams on his brakes at the last minute. George first got his license at age 20, never learning the technical side of driving. He relies on his rear view sensor to a fault, once causing him to reverse into a pedestrian. George avoids parallel parking, cuts corners, doesn’t shoulder check, and rarely signals. He even watches TV on his phone while behind the wheel! George has been called out by his friend, Patrik.


  • Jason, from Sudbury, Ont., describes himself as blind which is why his brother Bart wants him off the road.Completely unaware of his surroundings, Jason is constantly clipping mirrors, hitting meridians, and bumping into the corners of his house. Although he tries to focus, he often loses track of the speed limit and swerves between lines. In fact, he’s been pulled over more than once for suspected drunk driving despite being completely sober. Due to his multiple fender benders, Jason can no longer afford to keep fixing his car, which is now being held together with duct tape.


  • Ian, from Kingston, Ont., is the city’s worst taxi driver. In one year on the job, Ian had six accidents, managed to write off two cars, and caused thousands of dollars of damage. Ian admits to not feeling comfortable behind the wheel but can’t identify his problem. Refusing to take responsibility for his bad habits, Ian blames his mistakes on everything around him. Dangerously in denial, Ian has been nominated for Rehab by his buddy, Adam.


  • Mariah, from Port Colborne, Ont., loves to drive, but is extremely irresponsible behind the wheel. [SH1]Every time she drives, her feet are up, her shoes off, her phone is in hand, and the music cranked. Life is one big party for Mariah. Initially scared to get her license, Mariah has found comfort driving “her way” – ignoring speed limits and stop signs, and refusing to do anything “tricky” like parking. Mariah spends all of her money on driving-related expenses, including $500 each month on insurance, plus speeding and parking tickets. In five years, Mariah’s careless driving has caused countless fender benders, one serious hit-and-run, and she even rear-ended a cop while texting. Mariah has been nominated by her BFF, Jessica.


  • Tyler, from Notre-dame-de-L’ile-Perrot, Que., is an old man trapped in a young man’s body. His driving style is slow and confused: it takes forever to make turns and he drifts dangerously in and out of lanes. Tyler is so timid behind the wheel, he even stops at a green light to see if anyone is coming! Tyler’s apprehension infuriates other drivers, which only increases his anxiety. He was nominated for Rehab by his buddy Q. And in what is perhaps the biggest twist CWD has seen in the last decade, Tyler is a licensed pilot.


  • Santana, from Port aux Basque, N.L., is a self-taught driver who only knows how to travel in one direction: straight ahead. Santana feels she got her license as a gift from the evaluator because he felt sorry for her. Santana has been driving for four years and estimates she has hit 200-300 objects. Santana avoids parallel parking, her use of mirrors is non-existent, and her cell phone is constantly in hand. Santana has been nominated by her best friend Jim-Bob.

Putting on the brakes, these eight disastrous drivers head to the Driver Rehabilitation Centre in Dunnville, ON, in Episode 1. There, they meet the team of driving experts, including: CP24’s Cam Woolley, traffic expert and former OPP sergeant, returning for a ninth season; Philippe Létourneau, a professional high-performance driving instructor, back for an eighth season; and expert driving instructor back for a third year, Tim Danter. Also, back for a fourth season, therapist Shyamala Kiru reveals how these unsafe driving practices are threatening these drivers’ personal relationships. These experts have their work cut out for them as they put the drivers through their paces. Week by week, one driver will graduate and merge back on to the open road; the final episode will see the last three drivers facing the ultimate showdown before one is ultimately crowned Season 10’s Worst Driver.

But what’s a milestone anniversary without a gift for CWD fans? To celebrate 10 epic seasons, presents a groundbreaking second-screen game experience. Online and on mobile, the game allows users to engage, via competitive fantasy play, with CANADA’S WORST DRIVER – similar to fantasy football teams, but with CWD10’s drivers! A Discovery first, the game includes a rich second-screen integration to enhance the audience’s viewing experience. With an iOS or Android companion CWD Game App, fans will have access to live scoring, bonus content, and engaging game play.  Beyond bragging rights, users will have a chance to win the ultimate grand prize: a trip for two to Quebec to train with expert driving instructor and CWD’s own panel member, Philippe Létourneau, at BMWs exclusive winter driver training course. Weekly prizes will also be awarded.

In addition to the game, the immersive CANADA’S WORST DRIVER experience continues online at the CWD show hub, featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes video, photo galleries, bios, and more. Engagement extends via social, on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, continuing the CWD conversation with the latest from fans and insiders. The show hub experience is fully accessible on Mobile, and full episodes via the Discovery iOS App.

CANADA’S WORST DRIVER is produced for Discovery by Toronto’s Proper Television.

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