RDS, Taking on the Playoffs: The 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

— April 15, 2014

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Montreal, April 14, 2014—NHL fans will have all the hockey they can handle starting this Wednesday, as almost every first-round game in the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs will be broadcast on all three RDS channels. In the coming weeks, RDS viewers will be able to enjoy many hockey double-, triple- or even quadruple-headers.

In the first round, the main focus on RDS will be the matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Expectations are high for the Habs, the only Canadian team to qualify for the playoffs this year, who will begin their quest for the Cup on Wednesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. ET on RDS (see broadcast schedule below). Pierre Houde and Marc Denis will handle the play-by-play for all Habs games, while Alain Crête, Mario Tremblay and Benoit Brunet will share their insights with fans between periods. The whole team will also travel with the Canadiens for road games.

Viewers can also follow the other seven first-round series on the three RDS channels, including the following matchups: Bruins-Red Wings, Penguins-Blue Jackets, Rangers-Flyers, Avalanche-Wild, Blues-Blackhawks, Ducks-Stars and Sharks-Kings (see broadcast schedule below). Claude Mailhot and David Arsenault will take turns hosting these games, joined in rotation by Guy Carbonneau, Denis Gauthier, Jocelyn Lemieux, Mathieu Darche and Éric Bélanger. Meanwhile, Michel Y. Lacroix, Yanick Bouchard and Alain Usereau will provide play-by-play commentary, accompanied by Norman Flynn, Guillaume Latendresse and Gaston Therrien.


Everyone’s in playoff mode
In the coming weeks, SPORTS 30 Le Magazine, 5 À 7, HOCKEY 360 and L’ANTICHAMBRE will spare no effort to bring fans all the excitement of the playoffs. The main set of 5 À 7 and HOCKEY 360, for instance, will be located next to the Bell Centre when the Habs are playing at home.

Playoff hockey—anytime, anywhere
Fans will be able to stay connected to the NHL playoffs wherever they are, thanks to RDS’s digital content. RDS.ca will feature a special section with all the relevant content (predictions, results, stats, blogs, columns, videos, charts and more) gathered in one place, as well as access to various games and functions such as the Pool des séries, the Jeu de prédictions LNH, the Jeu de l’année, a social wall and the Zone de match.

And every weekday at 12:30 p.m. ET, starting Wednesday, April 16, the web exclusive show 30 Minutes Chrono will provide all the latest playoff news and invite fans to share their opinions on various topics of discussion.  

Fans can access all this content wherever they are thanks to the RDS GO and RDS HOCKEY applications—and by using RDS’s mobile alert services, they can be sure they don’t miss any of the action.   

Broadcast schedule for first-round Canadiens games on RDS:
Game 1     Canadiens vs. Lightning     Wednesday, April 16     7 p.m. ET 
Game 2     Canadiens vs. Lightning     Friday, April 18             7 p.m. ET 
Game 3     Lightning vs. Canadiens     Sunday, April 20            7 p.m. ET 
Game 4     Lightning vs. Canadiens     Tuesday, April 22          7 p.m. ET 
Game 5     Canadiens vs. Lightning     Thursday, April 24        7 p.m. ET (if necessary) 
Game 6     Lightning vs. Canadiens     Sunday, April 27           T.B.D. (if necessary)
Game 7     Canadiens vs. Lightning     Tuesday, April 29          T.B.D. (if necessary)

Click here to view the complete broadcast schedule for all first-round games broadcast across the RDS network.

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