EXCLUSIVE: E! and Much Host Tyrone Edwards Interviews THE LAUNCH chosen artist, Logan Staats

— January 16, 2018

Following the worldwide series premiere of CTV’s THE LAUNCH , first ever launched artist Logan Staats released his new single, “The Lucky Ones.” During three jam-packed days of press, Logan sat down with E! and Much Host Tyrone Edwards to talk about what it was like working with country superstar Shania Twain, world-renowned record producer busbee, and music mogul Scott Borchetta, the inspirations in his life, and what is next for him. Here is a @CTV_PR exclusive look inside the private Q&A session at Bell Media Studios. “...right around the time The Lion King came out... I remember walking to school singing, "I'm going to be a mighty king." and I was like - I kind of sound like that Jonathan Taylor Thomas - I think I can do this... so it was really young when I made that decision but it took a few years before I jumped in with both feet.” – Logan Staats, when asked when he decided he wanted share his voice with every one. “Singing and performing is always very emotional for me... I'm singing about times in my life that aren't necessarily the happiest times and I really channel that and I go back to those moments when I'm singing - I find it's the best way to deliver a song.” – Logan Staats, when asked to describe his emotions before and after he sings. “He [busbee] is one of the realest dudes I've ever worked with. He pushed me, even when I didn't know if I could do this. There were times throughout the whole recording process where it seamed like he was being hard on me but he was just trying to pull the best work out of me... and I think he succeeded.” – Logan Staats, when asked what the hardest part of getting into the recording booth and working with busbee.



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