EXCLUSIVE: ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear interviews THE LAUNCH Chosen Artists, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

— January 19, 2018

Following the second episode of CTV’s THE LAUNCH , newly launched artists Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine released their new single, “Ain't Easy.” Throughout three full days of press, Elijah and Jamie sat down with ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear to talk about what it was like working with OneRepublic frontman and acclaimed producer/songwriter Ryan Tedder, Grammy®-Award-winner and co-founder of country-pop duo Sugarland Jennifer Nettles, and music mogul Scott Borchetta. Additionally the duo discuss their musical chemistry and how they started working together. Here is a @CTV_PR exclusive look inside the private Q&A session at Bell Media Studios. “The respect I have for  him is insane... in terms of song writing and production he's worked with so many heavy hitters [Adele and Beyonce]... just to be in a room with him, have him respect your ideas and talk about Jamie as if she's that person - is amazing.” – Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, when asked about their reaction to finding out Ryan Tedder was a producer on their episode. “GRAMMYs!!! [crowd applauds & laughs]... I think the perfect year is to just keep developing... keep developing our sound and who we are as people, and through that our music. We have so much material ready and this is a good catalyst to break us through to the other side.” – Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, when asked what a perfect year for them would be. “We typically write our songs in 1-2 hours - in large part it's because of our chemistry when it comes to music... when we sit in the studio, Elijah can tell what I'm feeling and he'll play chords based on my what I'm feeling. From there, it's go time - and we don't stop until we've written a song.” Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, when asked if they've ever completed a song in 48hrs



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