EXCLUSIVE: ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear Interviews THE LAUNCH Chosen Artist POESY

— February 2, 2018

Following the fourth episode of CTV’s THE LAUNCH , newly launched artists POESY’s newly released single “Soldier of Love”  hit #1 on iTunes. Last week, THE LAUNCH charted its third consecutive #1 single at iTunes Canada with Episode 3’s chosen artist The Static Shift’s “Wide Awake”. This follows on the success of the series’ chosen artists and songs to date – Logan Staats “The Lucky Ones” and Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine’s “Ain’t Easy”, both hitting #1 on iTunes Canada. Amidst three full days of press, POESY sat down with ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear to talk about what it was like working with Grammy® Award-winning, multi-platinum solo artist and recording star Fergie, Canada’s own Stephan Moccio (the Grammy® and Oscar-nominated music mastermind behind massive inescapable hits like the quintuple-platinum “Wrecking Ball”) and music mogul Scott Borchetta. Additionally she discusses her musical inspirations and her stage presence. Here is a @CTV_PR exclusive look inside the private Q&A session at Bell Media Studios. “I think my first moment of being inspired by someone was Freddie Mercury from Queen because my dad’s a big classic rock fan.  So, I watched their live performance at Wembley and there’s this part at the beginning where Freddie Mercury sings 'Under Pressure' but he does this ad-lib-y thing at the beginning where he’s just like 'doo da da dee de' and makes the crowd of thousands and thousands of people repeat it back to him and I said ‘I want to do that.’” – POESY, when asked about which voices inspired her while growing up. “Who I am on stage is a version of myself of that I’ve always wanted to be but was too embarrassed to be or too embarrassed to say I wanted to be - I’m a very naturally shy person and I grew up as very awkward kid... when I come on stage and I do stuff like the performance it’s so cool to come up and be like ‘no this is my moment and I’m going to own it and I’m proud of myself,’ and that’s okay to say. So, I think it’s definitely something that I learned but it’s something that I use now in my real life.”  – POESY, when asked about where her confidence comes from. “I feel like more people should know about Stephan. He is just so cool, literally so many big anthem songs he is the person behind it - I hope he gets a lot of recognition for this too because it’s a really amazing song.” – POESY, when asked about what it was like working with Stephan Moccio.  



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