EXCLUSIVE: ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear Interviews THE LAUNCH Chosen Artists, The Static Shift

— January 26, 2018

Following the third episode of CTV’s THE LAUNCH , newly launched artists The Static Shift – comprised of Mitchell Brady (guitar/lead vocals), Keone Friesen (Bass/harmonica/ background vocals), and Isaiah Stonehouse (drums/background vocals) released their new single, “Wide Awake.” Following the broadcast the single hit #1 on the iTunes Rock Chart. Amidst three full days of press, Mitchell, Keone and Isaiah sat down with ETALK Reporter and Much Host Liz Trinnear to talk about what it was like working with Rock icon and founding member of legendary rock band Mötley Crüe Nikki Sixx, Dann Huff (the producer behind more than 50 #1 hit records), and music mogul Scott Borchetta. Additionally the trio discuss their rock'n roll sound and how they started working together. Here is a @CTV_PR exclusive look inside the private Q&A session at Bell Media Studios. “Rock music is coming back in a big way right now... Harry Styles latest album, that's a rock'n roll album - some of those songs sound like a Stones record.. There is an older style of music that is starting to come back. The fact that we are a part of that and we can integrate ourselves into that is a really cool experience.” – The Static Shift, when asked about their music being a part of a "rock revival." “We don't usually write as many vocals in our lyrics, we keep it instrumental and use the vocals sparingly - this song was kind of a big jump lyrically... I was going over those lyrics every second of the day.” – The Static Shift, when asked what the most challenging part of recording "Wide Awake" was. “We had gotten on stage and were just about to play "Wide Awake" and Isaiah was like 'Hey Mitch, we're going to change to ending right now.' - and we did! I think taking that risk shows those guys sitting in those chairs that we're willing to try things and that we aren't just going to do the same thing over and over - we want to make it interesting.” The Static Shift, when asked about taking a risk and changing the ending of the song during their live performance.



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