Five Ways Sharing a Meal Brings Us Together

— November 13, 2018

The sharing of a meal is a universal experience that transcends boundaries, connecting cultures, communities, and individuals. As a human necessity, food serves as a common link between all individuals, and has the unique power to bring us together. Hosted by ETALK reporter Tyrone Edwards, the new Gusto original series DNA DINNERS explores the link between food and ancestry, revealing the background of participants through the sharing of food. In celebration of the premiere of DNA DINNERS on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on Gusto, find out Five Ways Sharing a Meal Brings Us Together:
  1. Encourages the sharing of culture
More than a universal form of nourishment, food serves as a cultural indicator. Through the use of different spices and ingredients, dishes fall into varied cultural categories. The sharing of a meal not only allows us to share our own heritage, but encourages us to learn about others.
  1. Creates traditions and memories
When sharing a meal with others, we not only share our culinary traditions, but we create new ones. Often, these traditions are passed down through generations, allowing us to share our familial ancestry with others.
  1. Allows us to stay connected to loved ones
The sharing of food encourages us to unite in the preparing of meals, convening around a communal table. Simply being present for a shared meal can facilitate conversations that help us to remain connected with loved ones.
  1. Enhances Social Experiences
Meals are often the root of social experiences. Whether planning a meeting with a colleague, a family get-together, or even a date, the experience of sharing a meal brings us together.  In coming together over a meal, our social experiences are enhanced as we have the opportunity to nourish our bodies and focus on one another, facilitating a deeper sense of connection and community between individuals.
  1. Bonds us through tastes
The act of dining together bonds us through similar and different tastes. When we share in the enjoyment of certain foods with those we are dining with, we create a bond with that person. Dining with others allows us to unite with individuals who have similar and different tastes, encouraging us to share, learn, and enjoy a meal with those close to us.
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