From Anchors to Mockingbirds, Director Daniel Grou Discusses the Tantalizing Turmoil in Season 3 of CARDINAL

— January 22, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR You might say that “Cardinal sins” keep coming back to haunt the title character in the Canadian original series CARDINAL, which returns for Season 3, Thursday, Jan. 24 at 9 p.m. ET, on CTV. Season 2 ended with a devastating development, and now Det. John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) is at risk of going over the edge. More than ever, John needs the help of his police partner Det. Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) to navigate tragedies that are both professional and personal. The stakes have been raised in every corner of CARDINAL, so we sat down with director Daniel Grou to help decipher what we’re about to see in Season 3 (SPOILER ALERT: details about the climax of Season 2 are discussed in the conversation that follows): Q: Even though John Cardinal was under pressure in the first two seasons, he still was the anchor character, the person with the soundest judgment. But has that shifted in Season 3? Is Delorme actually the anchor character now? Grou: “Yeah, they switch. Back in Season 1 it was Delorme who was unmoored a bit, because she had to deal with all this guilt about investigating Cardinal. Now he’s the one who is unhinged, and not being a good cop, not focusing on what he should. Delorme has to take up a lot of the slack, and she’s resenting Cardinal for that. She’s like, ‘Dude, you have to step up, I can’t be alone on this.’ Their friendship - because it is ultimately a story of a friendship - allows for that to happen. But Cardinal is not being the Cardinal we know, he’s being somebody else.” Q: John always has felt responsible for just about anything to do with his troubled wife Catherine (Deborah Hay), who shockingly was found dead at the end of Season 2. But technically speaking, nothing that happened was directly Cardinal’s fault, right? Grou: “It wasn’t - but how can you know that before you can see it? He has to detach himself emotionally from the event to be able to see it. And also, in Cardinal’s case, Catherine provided balance in his life. He was dealing with all this crime and evil people, but he was a caregiver to her, which kind of balanced things out. You lose your wife, it’s hard. You have a daughter, that’s hard. But for Cardinal it’s especially hard because it blew a hole in the way he saw himself.” Q: Part of me thinks John should just sit down and tell his daughter Kelly (Alanna Bale) the entire story about her mom. Catherine already is gone, it can’t get any worse. Grou: “But that’s not Cardinal’s way (laughs).” Q: He’s not a big talker. Grou: “No, he’s not a big talker. Before he’s able to come up with the words, he has to process rationally what’s going on for himself. It’s always this thing where, he has a hunch and he’s going to go for it. He’s an impulsive guy, and then he can discuss it. So he’s just not ready. Catherine was a loving, caring woman, but she had problems.” Q: For fans who loved the first two seasons of Cardinal, what can they expect to be similar in Season 3, and what can they expect to be different? Grou: “Well, what’s the same is that they’re still going to go after some very, very bad people. There still is a case that they have to solve. But also, Cardinal is going to have to solve this dilemma within himself. It’s true that in the first two seasons he was dealing with his past and trying to renew himself, but he had a straightforward path. Now he’s emotionally unhinged. And that’s new. Because before, Cardinal was almost Atticus Finch (the lead character in To Kill a Mockingbird). He was very proper and very cool and very noble. Now he’s not so noble.” Q: You know, speaking of Atticus Finch, Billy Campbell looks a little like Gregory Peck. Grou: “He does! If I ever do a remake of that movie…” @billharris_tv
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