GAME OF THRONES: Building the World of Ice & Fire

— February 16, 2018

Seasons 1 – 3 of HBO’s fantasy epic, GAME OF THRONES, are streaming now on CraveTV. Early seasons introduced the series’ hallmarks:  a dizzying array of characters, bold plot lines, the constant reminder that no one is safe, and a richly imagined world where no detail is left out. The craftspeople and artisans working on GAME OF THRONES take painstaking effort to bring the world of Westeros to life. Costume designers and props masters had their incredible talents put on display at Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, an HBO Canada initiative that gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at their favourite character’s costumes, weapons, and even the Iron Throne.  The Exhibition was a smash hit and grew to a touring exhibition that engaged hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. The craftsmanship from the early seasons of GAME OF THRONES take the viewer on a trip down memory lane, to the series’ first three seasons, now streaming on CraveTV: House Stark. These costumes were used in the series premiere episode, which showcased the GAME OF THRONES central family. Donning thick fur cloaks, the Starks wear them to keep warm in the cold climate of The North.
Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, who joins the Night’s Watch. Here you see both the Night’s Watch “Crow” uniform and the handmade, layered Wildling outfit that he wore when living and fighting beyond The Wall.
Here you see Daenerys Targaryen donning the clothing of her people, The Dothraki. Designed for the hot and humid climate of Essos, the simple patterns, hanging threads, and visible stitching are visual indicators of the Dothraki’s nomadic lifestyle.
Renly Baratheon, younger brother of King Robert. House Baratheon is known for its brutal strength and loyalty, which is perfectly represented by the stag sigil and the house words “ours is the fury.” Renly represents his house by incorporating antlers into his armour and crown. See more of the expansive, beautiful world of GAME OF THRONES now on CraveTV.
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