Go Big or Go Home! DAILY PLANET Celebrates All Things Massive with “Gigantic Week”, March 6-10 on Discovery

— March 3, 2017

– Discovery’s flagship program brings viewers the world’s biggest feats of science and engineering –

 TORONTO (March 3, 2017) – From mega structures to mega fun, DAILY PLANET  is back by popular demand to chase down all things gargantuan during “Gigantic Week”, airing Monday, March 6 through Friday, March 10 at 7 p.m. ET on Discovery.

DAILY PLANET braves the world’s worst weather, finds the bouncy castle that dreams are made of, and makes a pizza using an eight ton machine throughout the mammoth theme week. Co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin bring viewers a boatload of fun as they get in on the supersized action, joining teams in the never-ending paint job that is the Golden Gate Bridge, and building a two-metre LEGO ball to see if it will roll.

DAILY PLANET’sGigantic Week” features (L-R): The Golden Gate Bridge painting crew; the world’s biggest bouncy castle; the world’s largest LED screen on the planet’s tallest building Highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “Gigantic Week” include: “Golden Gate Paint Job” How is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge kept looking sharp when constantly bombarded with salt, roadway contaminates, and UV rays? That’s the job of Ronaldi Riviera and his elite squad of painters. Dressed in Kevlar suits and dangling on the brink, they work year-round to keep the bridge protected and pristine. DAILY PLANET is right alongside this daring crew as they painstakingly coat the mammoth bridge, rivet by rivet. “Biggest Bouncy Castle” The world’s largest bouncy castle, known as “The Beast”, was created with one simple aim: to give adults the chance to be a kid again. At a mammoth 272 metres in length when stretched out, the inflatable bouncy castle spans the distance of two soccer fields. DAILY PLANET takes viewers behind the scenes with owner and designer Benedikt De Vreese to find out what it took to become the “king of the castle”. “Excavator Pizza” Finnish operator Juppe is known for using his excavator to complete delicate tasks, so he put his skill to the test and challenged himself to make a pizza. DAILY PLANET joins Juppe as he attempts all steps of the pizza-making process – from rolling the dough to slicing it – all with only the claw of an eight-ton machine doing the work. “Giant Rolling LEGO Ball” In 2008, a group of friends released a video that went viral of a solid LEGO ball rolling and bouncing down the streets of San Francisco. The internet swirled with speculation over the stunt’s legitimacy: could a ball made of LEGO really bounce? LEGO master builder Graeme Dymond investigated further by engineering his own version of the ball to verify the feat. After much deliberation, Dymond feels he has the perfect formula to construct a two-metre LEGO ball that will successfully roll down a hill without breaking apart. DAILY PLANET is there to find out if Dymond has the perfect formula.   “Burj Khalifa LED Display” The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, and now it has another eye-catching record: upon it lies the largest LED screen ever constructed. Colourful images dance on the wall of the skyscraper from 51,000 LED lights working in unison. Kris Vloemans not only designed the record-breaking LED display, he’s also the fearless maintenance guy who sometimes has to change a light 825 meters off the ground. Spanning a total area of 32,467 metres, DAILY PLANET shines light on the engineering team who created and installed the massive illumination screen.

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