Highlighting the Coolest Got-to-Have-it Gear, DAILY PLANET’s Annual “High-Tech Toys” Week Returns December 8-12 on Discovery

— November 18, 2014

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TORONTO (November 18, 2014) – Answering the perennial question, “what do you get for the gadget geek who has everything?” Discovery’s DAILY PLANET is on the cutting-edge of holiday gift-giving during its annual tech toy fest: “High-Tech Toys” Week! Premiering Monday, Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. ET and running through Friday, Dec. 12, Canada’s favourite science program spotlights the world’s wackiest high-tech bling just in time for the holiday season! Anchored by co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin, the always-anticipated theme week offers an all-access pass to the world’s most inspired and impressive gifts – which this year includes bionic boots; a hovercraft and longboard hybrid; battle bots; a rocket bike; and yes, George Jetson, even a flying car!


DAILY PLANET co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin scope out the planet’s high-tech bling, beginning December 8 at 7 p.m. ET on Discovery 


MEDIA NOTE: Photography of Ziya Tong and Dr. Dan Riskin can be found at BellMediaPR.ca/Discovery

Segment highlights from DAILY PLANET’s “High-Tech Toys” Week include:

Mountain Horse Snow Bike 

With the agility of a dirt bike and the winter-gripping power of a snowmobile, the Mountain Horse snow bike makes easy work of extreme terrain and deep powder. Sold as a conversion kit, it bolts onto a regular dirt bike. DAILY PLANET follows a trio of female dirt-bike racers from Southern California as they try to master the tricky skill of snow biking for the first time. 


Bionic Boots 

Inspired by ostriches, inventor Keahi Seymour dreams of running at speeds greater than 40km per hour. Seymour is the creator of Bionic Boots, which use the same “spring” principals found in the Achilles tendon of superfast land animals – and he is determined to demonstrate new speed records with this latest prototype.



A supercool hovercraft and longboard hybrid, the Hoverskater is decked out with LED lights and a 1/8th scale turbine engine, allowing skaters to switch between using their feet to hovering around with the help of a remote control. DAILY PLANET catches up with the inventor and a skilled skateboarder to give it a try. 



Science fiction made real, the Megabot is a giant piloted robot, built to eventually battle other ‘bots in a new combat sport. But first, users must learn to master the Megabot, which stands at 4.5 meters tall, weighs 6,800kgs, and has a weapon launcher. 


Crazy Carts 

Ali Kermani loves bumper cars, skateboarding, and Super Mario... and when these obsessions collide, the result is one free-wheeling, drifting, spinning cart ride! First developed for kids, now Kermani wants to take the Crazy Cart full-size. DAILY PLANET is there as the “XL” version is put to the test against its pint-sized predecessor. And that’s one head-spinning ride! 


Airplane designer John Hunter from Escondido, California, wondered what would happen if you wrapped an airplane wing into a ring shape. The result was the Moonshot. Hunter has designed a launcher that sends 23-centimetre diameter rings more than a football field in distance with minimal energy. Where Frisbees have a lift-to-drag ratio of 3:1; the Moonshot’s is 10:1. They fly twice as far with double the hang time and half the weight. The ring can even be thrown just like a football! 

Rocket Bike 

Francois Gissy likes to go fast. Really, really fast. So he’s teamed up with a Swiss rocket engineer, to create the world’s fastest bicycle. Now, he’s out to take his Rocket Bike on a ride for the ages, looking to smash the world speed record on a bike, of more than 300km per hour!

B Flying Car 

B is a unique remote-controlled hybrid car-quad copter with a patented design. On flat surfaces, B can reach high speeds using its rear wheel drive. Due to its large wheel diameter, it achieves outstanding performance in driving across difficult terrain. But when the obstacles are too big to roll over, it can simply take off and fly over them. 

Hydros HY-X 

From the moment it lifts off the surface of the water and flies forward on retractable hydrofoils, it’s clear this is no ordinary pleasure boat. The HY-X is the prototype for a new class of luxury hydrofoil yachts, built from carbon fiber. DAILY PLANET follows the boat’s Swiss designers as they put the HY-X through its paces on Lake Geneva to test a new high-tech propeller and noise reduction system. 


Speedy Golf Cart 

According to Guinness World Records, Robby Steen is the creator and driver of the world’s fastest golf cart – clocking an astounding 191km per hour! But even that’s not good enough for this brash inventor. DAILY PLANET rides along as Steen makes some last-minute tweaks before racing to break his own record. 


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