Hillary Clinton Reads the Mueller Report to Jordan Klepper: An Investigation.

— May 7, 2019

In anticipation of the all-new docuseries KLEPPER, premiering this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, The Comedy Network investigates the origins of Hillary Clinton’s dramatic reading of the Mueller Report.

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Um, why is Hillary Clinton reading the Mueller Report?

Hillary and Bill Clinton sat with Jordan Klepper, former host of THE OPPOSITION WITH JORDAN KLEPPER and THE DAILY SHOW correspondent, to school him on donating to crowdfunding campaigns. With one thousand dollars of his own money, Klepper and The Clintons review several crowdsourcing targets, including mini travel saxophones (a hit with the 42nd President), saving goats from an island, and even a proposed audiobook of Hillary Clinton reading the contentious report.

One could simply donate $150 to a crowdsourcing campaign for an audiobook of Hillary Clinton reading the Mueller Report – and Klepper does. But if you have the former Secretary of State at your disposal, there’s a lot more that could be done for the cause.



So, why does Jordan Klepper even care about crowdfunding?

Jordan Klepper is no longer about that desk life! Putting the “act” in activism, both in-person and online, Klepper spent the last couple of months on the front lines of America’s push for change for his all-new docuseries, KLEPPER. While in the trenches, Klepper got first-hand experience…to say the least!

Klepper set his sights on Freedom University, an underground university in Georgia for undocumented immigrants who are barred from attending public colleges and wanted to help with funding. Klepper tells The Clintons about that time he got arrested standing up for these students and now knows from personal experience that “the strip search thing is true.”


Really? Jordan Klepper actually got arrested?

Yup, and TMZ has the mugshot to prove it!

While spending time with Freedom University students, Klepper got a lesson in posting bail after he got arrested during an act of civil disobedience and charged with criminal trespass. And all of this happened while cameras were rolling.


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Yesterday I learned many things. Police cars are not built for lanky giraffe bodies was one. Another, there are good people fighting good fights across this land. In Georgia they are denying college admission and tuition benefits to undocumented students. These are students who pay taxes, grew up here and want to learn and give back to their community. We need more thoughtful, curious, educated young adults dedicated to making this place better. Education is a human right. Places like Freedom University are fighting the good fight. I was honored to stand with them and the other community faith leaders, teachers and protestors. Education not segregation. Sounds like a smart idea. If you think so, let the Georgia Board of Regents know.

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So what is KLEPPER?

KLEPPER is an eight-part docuseries that explores the pressing issues that inspire activists and the lengths they’re willing to go to for their causes. And Klepper fully commits to those causes, whether it means getting body-slammed by a group of military veterans using professional wresting to deal with PTSD; packing moving boxes with one of America’s first Native American Congresswomen in New Mexico; or sinking in the Louisiana bayou as he joins environmental protesters trying to protect the swamp from a major oil pipeline. Infused with his signature self-deprecating wit, Klepper also explores topics of discrimination in the marijuana industry, guerilla activists’ use of firearms, veteran deportation, and the contemporary space-exploration landscape.


When does KLEPPER air?

KLEPPER airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy, beginning May 9


Is there a trailer?





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