Hitting the high notes; Scott Borchetta trumpets new sounds, new singers and new feel for Season 2 of THE LAUNCH

— January 29, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR TV is alive with the sound of music, and with Season 2 of THE LAUNCH debuting Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, all you have to do is open up your eyes and ears! With 30 new artists vying for the advice and support of world-renowned music executive Scott Borchetta, he took the time to fill us in on what we can expect to see and hear in Season 2 of the show: Q: You’re someone who evaluates things for a living, so I’m sure you looked back at Season 1 of THE LAUNCH and identified what you thought worked well, and what you wanted to tweak in Season 2. What were the results of that process? Scott Borchetta: “I think we got a lot of things right in the first season, that’s why we have a second season. But one of the changes we’ve made is that I wanted to get to music right off the top of the show. If you’re a fan of music, we’re going to get right to the music and right to the artist, and that also gives us many more minutes of auditions, and in the studio. Because I’ve worked on the other shows, and the way that we truly do mentor our artists is unique.” Q: You also have added Québec pop icon Marie-Mai for Season 2. Scott Borchetta: “I wanted to have a permanent co-mentor, that was very important to me, and Marie-Mai is perfect. She has been in that artist’s seat. She started her whole career on STAR ACADEMIE. So I can turn to her and say, ‘Tell them what it was like for you.’ Then not only are they hearing from me, someone who has mentored talent my whole adult life, but they’re hearing from someone who has been mentored and has figured out how to have a career. So I think that’s a great new element to the show, and people love her.” Q: What is the biggest challenge facing a fresh act trying to make it in the music business today? Scott Borchetta: “It’s a great question, and I love this question, because there’s a very specific answer. We arguably don’t have anything that can be defined as critical mass any more. But that’s where THE LAUNCH does one of the best jobs in this current environment. There’s a reason that I wanted TV, radio, socials, everything. If you’re somewhere in our perimeter, we’re going to hit you. If you’re a music fan, our job is to let you know that we’re here. And I feel the show is worthy of your attention. I feel so good about the show, I’m not afraid to say, ‘Tune in,’ but we have to say it in so many different places. For an artist to create critical mass today, you don’t have that Kelly Clarkson moment again (Clarkson won Season 1 of AMERICAN IDOL in 2002). But something that you haven’t seen is people taking a brand new, unrecorded song, and through the course of an hour, delivering you what we think is a hit. And I apply the same thing to the artists on THE LAUNCH, in that they have a huge opportunity to turbo-charge their careers and cut through the noise at the biggest level.” Q: It requires such a concerted effort in today’s media landscape to cut through the noise, as you say. Obviously there always have been hurdles in the music business, but I guess back in the ’60s, if you somehow got a song on AM radio, that was most of the battle, right? Scott Borchetta: “Or THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW. You could get on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, and the next day you have the Beatles. We don’t have that in today’s world. But that’s the challenge and the excitement for me. How can I clash all media together? Well, we figured out how to do it - it’s called THE LAUNCH.” billharristv@gmail.com @billharris_tv
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