Honoured by his CSA Nomination for CARTER, Jerry O'Connell Comically Vies for Votes - Complete with Campaign Promises!

— February 20, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR Jerry O’Connell wants your support. The way he sees it, a vote for O’Connell is a vote for CARTER, and that’s a win for everyone. O’Connell was recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his work on CARTER, the hit Bravo series shot in North Bay, Ont., that is soon to begin production on a second season. In a tongue-in-cheek self-initiated election campaign to secure as many votes as possible, the always playful and enthusiastic O’Connell, nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Drama, was in Toronto on Wednesday to drum up support. Q: First of all, Candidate O’Connell, congratulations on the CSA nomination. O’Connell: “I am so stoked I’m nominated for a CSA. From now on I want to be referred to only as, ‘CSA-nominated actor Jerry O’Connell.’ ” Q: Okay then, CSA-nominated actor Jerry O’Connell, what is your general position on entertainment awards shows? O’Connell: “I really was not a fan of entertainment awards shows until I was nominated for one. Now I am really into the CSAs. But to be serious for a moment, getting nominated for a CSA is a really big deal. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so proud of a project. When you work on CARTER, as all fellow cast members will attest, we really have a good time. And when you have a good time at work, it really shows in the final product.” Q: How did you find out about the nomination? O’Connell: “Kristian Bruun, my fellow cast member, was the first one to call me to tell me I was nominated, and I thought he was playing a joke on me. So I cursed at him and hung up the phone. And then to really name-drop in this article, my other buddy Jason Priestley texted me and said, ‘Congratulations’ And I thought, that’s so messed up, that Jason and Kristian would get together to play a joke on me, it’s not funny anymore, it’s just so rude. But then I looked online, and there it was. I’m still pretty shocked. I’m doing this little campaign because I know I’ll never win, so I might as well get my face out there now.” Q: Well, I don’t know about that. I think you have as good a chance as anyone in your category. O’Connell: “Yeah, Eric McCormack is going down! Word on the street is that Eric McCormack is scared! I will say, Yannick Bisson is aging way better than I am, I will admit to that, but I don’t want voters to take that into consideration." Q: Has the O’Connell campaign resorted to any dirty tricks, or has there been any collusion with foreign powers? O’Connell: “There will be no spying on anybody, because I don’t have the budget for that. And there are no ties to Russia with this CARTER CSA campaign. But I will say this. I did get hold of Eric McCormack’s emails, and I am going to be releasing them. And I do have a dossier on Yannick Bisson, and there is a tape.” Q: CARTER bridges the gap between drama and comedy, but some producers would like to build a wall between the two. How does Candidate O’Connell feel about that? O’Connell: “We are an hour-long show, which helps keep us in the drama realm. Not to get overly dramatic in this interview, but somebody is dying once a week on our show, so I do have to play those stakes. There are comic moments, so if you’re looking for Elephant Man-type drama, I probably wouldn’t suggest CARTER. But listen man, I earned this drama nomination, okay? I used those crystals that they put in your eye to make you cry!” Q: How do you feel about nepotism? If elected, will members of your family - your wife, Rebecca Romijn, or your kids - suddenly start appearing on CARTER in unelected roles? O’Connell: “Oh man, this is going to make me sound like a monster, but my kids are starting to get a little bit into acting, in school plays and stuff. And one of them is pretty good, and I’m so sorry to say this, but the other one just doesn’t have it. I love her, and she’s an amazing writer, she’s good at math, but man, I saw her play, and I was like, ‘Oh boy …’ ” Q: Bluntly, what does an O’Connell victory at the CSAs mean for average Canadians? O’Connell: “I’m going to tell you, if I win this CSA, I’m bringing it straight up to North Bay, and I’m going to have a parade. We love shooting there, and I’m going to bring the award to the people. I’m going to solder a little glass to the end of it and we’re all going to drink out of it.” billharristv@gmail.com @billharris_tv
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