It’s Time to Go BarDown: TSN Launches New Digital Platform

— March 4, 2014

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TORONTO (March 4, 2014) – TSN is going BarDown, covering sports far beyond typical hard news, stats, and analysis. Launching today, brings Canadians fun, original, and buzz-worthy sports content with a pop culture twist.

BarDown takes the hottest headlines, viral videos, GIFs, and more from the worlds of sports and pop culture and packages it all in one place - from the best of @Biznasty to where Drake and Jermain Defoe have dinner. Helmed by Managing Editor Dave Krikst, BarDown also features original video, news, and features from a team of talented young writers and sports fans. 

“Sports and pop culture stopped being two separate categories a long time ago,” said Dave Krikst, Managing Editor of BarDown. “BarDown brings them together, like a double rainbow of Strombone tweets and LeBron facemask memes. It’s the online equivalent of hanging out with your buddies, except better, because you know that guy who always shows up but no one really likes? He’s not there.” 

Sprite and Coke Zero on BarDown
BarDown hits the Canadian sports media landscape with two marquee brands already on board to sponsor its launch. Coke Zero will debut an extensive campaign that includes the  premiere of the latest instalment of their popular Moment Zero promotion featuring Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos and NHL ON TSN host James Duthie (we tried to keep him out of this, but…you know, whatever JD wants).

Top 4 Things to Expect from BarDown
If you like what we post on our Facebook page and Instagram account, you’ll want to check out BarDown. It’s just as awesome. Here are the Top 4 things to expect from BarDown: 

4. The most essential viral sports content
There’s a camera on pretty much everyone these days, and while we agree that’s incredibly creepy, it also means that even more amazing sports moments are captured every day. If there’s something amazing, whether it’s a crazy deke from a peewee practice or an awesome diving catch from a senior softball league, you’ll find it on BarDown.

3. Original videos
You’ll see more from Cabbie, because frankly we’re getting tired of his constant “production shoots” in L.A. and then seeing all his “work” on Instagram. So we’re reeling him in, sticking him in a man cave with Jeff O’Neill and capturing it all on video. We’re sure they’ll discuss vital information like who from NHL ON TSN listens to Michael Bolton to get himself in “the zone” before going on-air (hint: it’s Mike Johnson).

2. Classic Clips
Think Michael Landsberg’s mullet and Gino Reda’s mustache circa the 1980s. Both are thick and glorious in their own right and, oh boy, do we have the evidence to prove it. Along with featuring slightly embarrassing archival footage, BarDown will also throw back to classic sports calls, like Gord Miller’s signature “Can You Believe It?” from the World Juniors gold medal game in 2010.

1. New content, every day
BarDown is constantly being updated with stuff you’ll want to pawn off to your buddies as your own. We’re banking on that sweet, sweet virtual recognition that everyone craves as a reason for you to go BarDown every day…or 10 times a day.


About BarDown is the hottest destination for Canadian sports fans, delivering all the latest fun, engaging, buzz-worthy sports content making waves across Canada. Expect to discover stuff that you’ll want to share and talk about with your friends. Expect to visit the site several times a day to get the latest updates. Expect to go BarDown.

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