Keep Your Eyes On The Spies, But Also Laugh Along With The Lighter Side of WHISKEY CAVALIER

— February 26, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR Scott Foley raised the bar, and even got a laugh, when asked if his character in the new series WHISKEY CAVALIER is sort of like James Bond. “Yeah, but having more fun,” Foley said. “James Bond gets to do all my stuff, but I get to tell a joke every now and then.” More fun than James Bond, really? That’s reason enough right there to fill your glass with WHISKEY CAVALIER, which debuts Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on CTV. The series stars Foley as uncommonly emotional FBI agent Will Chase (code name “Whiskey Cavalier”) and Lauren Cohan as sharp-edged and sharp-tongued CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (code name “Fiery Tribune”). They meet each other in extreme circumstances while on separate assignments in Europe, and despite their initial explosive animosity - sexual tension notwithstanding – they are eventually forced to work together on an inter-agency team. Foley, a veteran actor known for his roles in SCANDAL, THE UNIT, and FELICITY, says the playful side of WHISKEY CAVALIER is what intrigued him, and he wouldn’t have been interested in just another straightforward crime or spy drama. “I wanted to do a show that reminded me of the shows that I grew up watching, REMINGTON STEELE, MOONLIGHTING, HARD TO HART, SIMON & SIMON,” Foley says. “I miss those light one?hour shows. The one thing we wanted this show to be was fun. Obviously everybody has their own idea of what fun is, but finding the tone of this has been by far the hardest thing. “You get on these ‘notes calls’ with executives, and they’re drama executives, because we’re doing an hour-long show, and they want less jokes and more spy stuff. But you get on set, and you push the spy stuff away and find some more jokes. The spy stories are what take us from the beginning to the end, but the characters live in those comedic moments.” Much of the comedy in the opening episode of WHISKEY CAVALIER comes from the fact that Foley’s character Will is coming off a bad breakup, and he isn’t handling it well. His sappy and sloppy broken heart is a source of great amusement for his colleagues, but if he’s hoping for emotional support from Frankie, he is definitely looking in the wrong place. “Frankie challenges me hugely, because she doesn’t apologize and she doesn’t care,” says Cohan, who is best known for her role as Maggie Greene in THE WALKING DEAD. “Frankie just doesn’t understand why everybody doesn’t operate more like her. There’s a lot of freedom in playing someone like this.” WHISKEY CAVALIER derails stereotypes in more ways than one, because Foley also feels a refreshing sense of freedom with his sentimental character. “I’ve played a lot of tough, don’t-show-your-heart characters, so to play one who is willingly open about his emotions and his feelings is so much more interesting, and one I relate to much more,” Foley says. “There’s more to do. I can laugh, I can cry, instead of just having this sort of deadpan face, looking over a body, thinking, ‘We gotta figure this out.’ “I think Will is more of a real-life character than the tropes you see on other shows. It’s like being a person, you know what I mean?” Yes, the man known as WHISKEY CAVALIER is just an average, normal person … who has more fun than James Bond. @billharris_tv
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