KING TUT UNMASKED Explores a Startling New Theory About the Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun, November 9

— October 22, 2014

TORONTO (October 22,2014) – Tutankhamun,the boy king, has fascinated the public ever since Howard Carter discovered hisspectacular tomb in 1922. King Tut was a young man – only 19 years old – when hedied suddenly and unexpectedly. Was he assassinated, struck down by disease, ordid he suffer a fatal accident? The mystery surrounding his untimely death hasbaffled generations of researchers, scientists, and historians -- until now. Afascinating new Discovery special explores the life of Tutankhamun and reveals aground-breaking new theory about his untimely death. With a team of experts,science journalist Dallas Campbell re-opens the ultimate cold case in KINGTUT UNMASKED, premiering Sunday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT onDiscovery. An international co-production for Discovery Canada, BBC One (U.K.),and Smithsonian Channel (U.S.) by STV Productions and Cream Productions, thisone-hour special follows Campbell on a gripping journey to uncover what killedTutankhamun. With state-of-the-art forensic science equipment, leading experts,and stunning CGI, KING TUT UNMASKED reveals extraordinary new facts aboutthe boy king’s life and a remarkable new theory about his unexplaineddeath.


Solvingthe mystery behind the mask, KING TUT UNMASKED premieres Nov. 9 onDiscovery


Using new technology,KING TUT UNMASKED carries out the first ever “virtual autopsy” on the3,000-year-old remains. With rare access to 2,000 CT scans of the pharoah’smummified body, the special creates the first scientifically accurate, full-sizeimage of the real Tutankhamun. Drawing new data from these technologies andconsulting with the  leading experts – includingpaleopathologist Dr. Albert Zink, surgeon Dr. Hutan Ashrafian, radiologist Dr.Ashraf Selim, and Canadian Egyptologist Gayle Gibson – this new picture of Tutreveals that the pharaoh suffered from a genetic bone wasting disease and a clubfoot, making him unable to walk unaided. And then, with new DNA research,KING TUT UNMASKED delivers a shocking secret about Tutankhamun’s familygenetics, presenting a radical new theory to explain Tut’s suddendeath.

“Trying to navigate throughthe intense speculation and politics that surround one of the most famouscharacters in history is both daunting and thrilling in equal measure. Foolhardyperhaps!” said Campbell. “But using solid science and a truly multi-disciplinaryapproach, we’ve finally been able to put to bed some of the myths andpre-conceived ideas that have surrounded his life and death, and hopefully add anew chapter that will ensure the Tutankhamen story continues tofascinate.”


KING TUTUNMASKED isco-produced by STV Productions and Cream Productions Canada for BBC One,Discovery Canada, and Smithsonian Channel.



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