Marilyn Denis Is Here To Stay. And That’s No Scam.

— September 27, 2018

By BILL HARRIS Special to That’s what she’s all about. We all know this. On both television and radio, consistency has been her middle name through the years. It explains why she has so many loyal fans. So you can understand why Denis is so enraged that her image and brand have been hijacked by online scammers. And she wants you to know two very important things: First, she is not going anywhere. The ninth season of THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW debuted earlier this month on CTV, and she’s continuing her morning-show duties at CHUM104.5 radio in Toronto. If you’ve heard otherwise, ignore it. She loves what she does and she is sticking with both gigs. Second, Denis is not endorsing any product lines, for skin cream or anything else. If you’ve seen something about that online, do not click on any of those links. They’re fakes. “I need to speak about this, I’m getting the word out,” says Denis, and you can hear the intensity in her voice. “Because people need to know that I’m doing something about this, to try to stop people from getting suckered in.” Something similar happened to Dr. Oz a few years ago, and Denis is going to be talking to him about how he navigated those choppy waters in an all-new episode of THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW that will air Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. ET on CTV,, and CTV GO; then again at 11 a.m. ET on CTV2, and on demand at “This is a losing-sleep story for me,” Denis continues. “I really feel terrible that people are feeding into this and losing money, that’s what really bothers me. I would never do anything to make people sign up for something to lose money. That’s not who I am, and that’s not what the show is all about, and that’s not what we do here at Bell Media. “It’s so infuriating, and I’m so angry, but I’m also so appreciative of everybody who is working on it. This conversation is not going to stop until we figure this one out.” Early last month Denis and Bell Media were made aware of fraudulent online ads on many different platforms using Denis’ likeness, some of which claimed she was leaving her show, while also linking to a line of skin-care products. Many other celebrities have fallen victim to similar scams – the afore-mentioned Dr. Oz, Kelly Ripa and Richard Branson among them – and more recently Melissa Grelo and Lainey Lui have also fallen victim – but Denis says when it happens to you, the personal sense of betrayal and violation is extreme. “When I’m asked the question ‘why you?’ my answer is, I don’t know,” Denis says. “I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’m still not sure, other than, I’ve been on the air for a long time and I have built up a brand, and it’s a trusted brand. “It’s not that the trust I’ve built up is going to go away, but I still think, who are these crooks, and how are you hurting my viewers and my listeners? How dare you do that? It’s just something that I never would have imagined.” When friends started noticing the fake ads and mentioning them to Denis, she didn’t know what to think at first. Things went quiet for a little bit and she probably hoped it would all just go away. But then suddenly it intensified, the ads were everywhere, and when random people started telling Denis that they were sorry to hear she was leaving her show, she knew she needed help. “So I told my publicist, and my publicist told the people in communications, and it went from there to my producer and supervising producer, then everyone was looking at this, reaching out to other people,” Denis says. “We had to handle it internally first, because we needed to tell everyone who works on the show that I’m not going away. “Of course I’m very concerned about people losing their money. And if I ever were going to endorse a product, it would be on, that would be it. But we also don’t want anyone thinking I’m not totally invested in this show, whether it’s the people who work for me, or guests who come on the show, or advertisers. They all needed to know I’m not going anywhere. So that was important to me. “The company is backing me 100%, talking to experts, hiring people outside to do investigative work, and we’re going to get them. It is not easy, for sure. It’s not easy to find them. Like someone said to me, it’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole.” So Denis is fully aware that getting to the bottom of all this and putting a complete stop to it may take some time. That’s why she’s urging her fans to please be wary and don’t fall for any of it. “I am not leaving and there is no product line that I am endorsing, so please do not give out your information,” Denis says. “They are scammers. They are sneaky. They play the game. But if no one is engaging with them, then they won’t have a business, and that’s what I want.” This entire stressful experience has made Denis even more focused on doing the best shows she can do. “That’s pretty much the attitude every year, but when you get angry? That’s right, it’s more determination,” she says. “Something like this doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone associated with the show, they’re all getting questions about this stuff, too. “So our attitude simply has to be, we’re going to be better than ever. Which always was going to be the plan anyway, but this gives us an extra push.” Marilyn Denis doesn’t go. She stays. And that’s no scam. @billharris_tv