Married With…The Boss? Which Classic Family Do You Belong In?

— February 6, 2019

Watching television is better together, so in honour of Family Day weekend CTV is inviting viewers to gather their loved ones together and enjoy a bingefest of some of TV’s favourite and iconic families. From VCRs, to big hair, and neon colours CTV is throwing it back with the addition of the complete series of WHO’S THE BOSS? (beginning Feb. 7) and MARRIED ...WITH CHILDREN (beginning Feb. 14).Both fan-favourite families are available completely unlocked with no subscription, and no sign-in required as part of CTV Throwback on and the CTV app. Ever wondered which of these iconic TV families you’d belong to? Check out the below to find out. Which father-figure do you prefer? A)The cute and quirky Tony Micelli? B) The brutally honest Al Bundy                           Which big-haired mama is more your style? A) Advertising executive Angela Bower? B)Shopaholic bon-bon eating Peggy Bundy?                               If you had to have one as your own… which quick-witted sister would you pick? A) The very sister-ly Samantha Micelli? B) The ditzy Kelly Bundy?               Which pesky little brother would you rather put up with? A) The shy Jonathan Bower? B) The “ladies man” Bud Bundy (a.k.a. Grandmaster B)?                       Which hometown could you see yourself settling into? A) New England town of Fairfield, Connecticut? B) A suburb outside the big city of Chicago?            Which of these women would be more of a nuisance to you? A) Feisty grandmother Mona? B) Al’s yuppie next door neighbour, Marcy?            Which career choice best fits you? A) Retired from the “big-leagues” to be a stay-at-home housekeeper? B) A women’s shoe salesman?       

If you found yourself choosing mostly A’s, well “AY OH! OH AY!” you are the newest addition to the WHO’S THE BOSS family!

If you chose mostly B’s, congratulations and good luck with your new “dad” Al... Because you’re now an honourary Bundy in the MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN family!

All eight seasons of WHO’S THE BOSS are available beginning Thursday, Feb. 7, and the complete 11 seasons of MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN are available beginning Thursday, Feb. 14. Access all episodes for free on and the CTV app.
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