MTV Mixes it up This April With All–New Comedy SeriesTIMES UP

— March 28, 2014

MTV Mixes it up This April With AllNew Comedy Series TIMES UP


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  • Relationships are tested before the gang go their separate ways on the Season 29 finale of THE REAL WORLD: EX-PLOSION, Wednesday, April 2 at 10 p.m. ET
  • Lacey Chabert guest stars on the Season 4 finale of RIDICULOUSNESS, Thursday, April 3 at 11:30 p.m. ET
  • These Brits put Jersey to shame on GEORDIE SHORE, Season 2 and 3, beginning Monday, April 7 at 5 p.m. ET
  • Courtrooms and custody battles dominate the Season 5 finale of TEEN MOM 2, Sunday, April 13 at 7 p.m. ET
  • Romance and heartbreak kick off senior year, with the Season 4A premiere of  AWKWARD, Tuesday, April 15 at 10 p.m. ET
  • Ulterior motives and attractions are put to the test on the Season 13C finale of DEGRASSI, Tuesday, April 22 at 9 p.m. ET
  • Two brand-new series arrive on MTV, including THE EX AND WHY, Monday, April 28 at 4 p.m. ET, and TIMES UP, Monday, April 28 at 4:30 p.m. ET




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Below is a chronological listing of detailed highlights for April. All programming is subject to change (all times ET; visit to confirm local broadcast times).

Tuesday, April, 1

11 p.m. ET ARE YOU THE ONE REUNION *Special Premiere*

The entire cast is welcomed back for a reunion special in L.A.. Accompanied by a live studio audience, the cast talks about anything and everything regarding the last season.


Wednesday, April 2

10 p.m. ET THE REAL WORLD: EX-PLOSION The Ex-odus’  – * Season 29 Finale*

The roommates prepare to say goodbye as their relationships are tested one last time.

In the meantime, Brian hits his breaking point after losing the love of his life, Jenny, and threatens to tear the house apart just before move out day.


Thursday, April, 3

11:30 p.m. ET RIDICULOUSNESS ‘Lacey Chabert’*Season 4 Finale*

On the season finale of Ridiculousness, actress Lacey Chabert and Rob break down old folk’s “Last Minute Adventures,” and lovers’ “Tender Moments,” while Lacey explains why it’s not always easy “Acting Sexy.”


Monday, April 7

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE *Season 1 Premiere*

On the series premiere the housemates all enter the Geordie Shore house. Greg is unsure about staying and threatens to leave the house. Holly gets together with Gaz and then has to come clean to her boyfriend about what happened.


11 p.m. ET THE REAL WORLD: EX-PLOSION REUNION – *Special Premiere*

The cast reunites to talk about everything that happened during their ex-plosive time in the house. Viewers get a chance to catch up with what the seven roommates and the exes are up to now, and the drama that still unfolds outside, in the real world.


Thursday, April 10

10 p.m. ET THE CHALLENGE: FREE AGENTS *Season 25 Premiere*

Hosted by BMX rider TJ Lavin, this season of THE CHALLENGE is like no other. There are no permanent teams, no demanding partners, and no one to slow them down. The free agents answer to no one but themselves. Alliances are useless and tried and true strategies no longer work because players will have no idea if they will be competing in teams, pairs, or as individuals until moments before each challenge begins. They're forced to adjust to whatever is thrown their way because with $350,000 at stake, winning challenges has never been so important. ??


Sunday, April 13

7 p.m. ET TEEN MOM 2*Season 5 Finale*

Leah deals with Aliannah’s diagnosis and problems in her relationship with Jeremy while Jenelle and Nathan prepare for their new baby. Kailyn is excited about her wedding, and Chelsea’s nervous about her upcoming court dates with Aubreey’s father Adam.


Monday, April 14

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE *Season 1 Finale*

Charlotte admits how she truly feels about Gaz. In the meantime, Holly's boyfriend makes one last ditch attempt to get back with her before she leaves the house. Charlotte becomes upset when Gaz brings someone else back to the room, and Jay and Vicky have an epic fight before everyone says their goodbyes.


Tuesday, April 15

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE: MAGALUF MADNESS (Part 1) *Special Premiere*

The eight housemates arrive at sunny Magaluf, but drama follows them to the party capital of Europe. Upon arrival, they're hit with the news that one person must look after the villa at all times. Holly admits that she used to have feelings for James, whilst Charlotte refuses to admit that Gaz hitting on other girls bothers her.


10 p.m. ET AWKWARD *Season 4A Premiere*

Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and the gang enter their senior year, and it certainly won’t lack for drama. Matty (Beau Mirchoff) plays with Jenna’s feelings, while Lacey (Nikki Deloach) tries to snap Jenna out of it by showing her hot college boys.


11 p.m. ET TEEN MOM 2 REUNION (Part 1) *Special Premiere*

Dr. Drew gives viewers an intimate look at the challenges Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle, and Kailyn face raising a child as a teenager. Emotions run free when asked about romances and family relationships and the reunion provides an update on the young mother’s lives.


Wednesday, April 16

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE: MAGALUF MADNESS (Part 2) *Special Premiere*

Vicky comforts Charlotte after she ends up in bed with Gaz…again. Brokenhearted, Charlottes finally stands up to Gaz when he admits he has feelings for her. James is put in an awkward situation when he's forced to choose between two “birds,” but ends up getting neither of them.


Thursday, April 17

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE *Season 2 Premiere*

Everyone's excited to be back in Newcastle and two new cast members start fresh sparks among the roomies. Meanwhile, Vicky becomes torn between boyfriend Dan and new member of the house Ricci.


Tuesday, April 22

9 p.m. ET DEGRASSI *Season 13C Finale*

In the midst of this problem solving for the Wild Wild West Night, Clare (Aislinn Paul) reveals to Drew (Luke Bilyk) important news about her and Eli (Munro Chambers). When Drew and Clare share a heated kiss in the props room, Eli appears, having flown in from New York to work things out with Clare. Zoë (Ana Golja) has her eyes set on her new movie but when she finds out that the role calls for her character to be killed, she can’t take the trauma. But when she talks to the director, Zoë’s dreams of the limelight appear to be as dead as her character. It’s a showdown at Wild Wild West Night: Miles Hollingsworth (Eric Osborne) vs. Zig Novak (Ricardo Hoyos), for the heart of Maya Matlin (Olivia Scriven).


9:30 p.m. ET AFTER DEGRASSI ­*Season 3 Finale*

A season recap and finale episode of DEGRASSI are discussed by self-professed superfans Lauren Toyota, Phoebe Dykstra, and guests.

11 p.m. ET TEEN MOM 2 REUNION (Part 2) – *Special Premiere*

Picking up from where Part 1 left off, Part 2 offers more insight into the lives of these teen moms. This special reunion follows up with cast members of the TEEN MOM 2, their difficulties, and their drama.


Monday, April 28

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE *Season 2 Finale*

The war between the boys and girls is over just in time for one last party before they leave the Shore. Ricci and Vicky reunite when the girls and guys call a truce on their long-lasting feud.


4 p.m. ET THE EX AND THE WHY*Series Premiere*

In every episode of this half hour strip, someone gets the opportunity to finally get closure and maybe just a second chance at happiness and love. Each brokenhearted participant will walk viewers through the ups and downs of their failed relationship while producers lure their ex into a surprise meeting for a chance to rekindle their romance.


4:30 p.m. ET TIME’S UP *Series Premiere*

A relationship is put to the test when a young man signs up for the military in attempts to gain stability and pay for college. Leaving behind his girlfriend, she must decide if they’re going to call a quits or try to make it work.

Tuesday, April 29

12 a.m. ET GEORDIE SHORE*Season 3 Premiere*

The gang packs up and heads to Mexico, where the entire season takes place. Vicky and Ricci’s relationship takes an expected turn, while Charlotte and Gaz are fighting as usual, and Holly grows closer to James after an accident.


11 p.m. ET 16 & PREGNANT *Season 5 Premiere*

With an all-new cast, every episode offers a unique look into the wide variety of challenges pregnant teens face: marriage, adoption, religion, gossip, finances, rumours among the community, graduating high school, getting (or losing) a job. Faced with incredibly adult decisions, these girls are forced to sacrifice their teenage years and their high school experiences. But there is an optimism among them; they have the dedication to make their lives work, and to do as they see fit to provide the best for their babies.


Wednesday, April 30

10 p.m. ET ­CATFISH: UNTOLD STORIES*Special Premiere*

This special reveals the never-before-seen footage from the MTV series CATFISH, where viewers can follow as Nev and Max track online relationships and the people who build fake social media profiles to engage with strangers.



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