New Discovery Original Special BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE Investigates the Unresolved Disappearance of Ships and Planes Immortalized in Pop Culture, May 22

— April 26, 2016

– Original Canada/U.K. co-production examines theories surrounding eerie disappearances using dramatic reconstructions, CGI imagery, and the latest scientific technology –

TORONTO (April 26, 2016) – Disappearing without a trace in the half million square miles of Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Focusing on the last 70 years, theories of the disappearances of ships and planes are carefully examined in BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, an all-new special premiering Sunday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET/ 10 p.m. PT exclusively on Discovery and Discovery GO. From natural forces such as extreme weather conditions and underwater gas explosions to incredible survivor stories such as time shifting fog and “Unidentified Underwater Objects”, the hour-long special joins the world’s leading experts as they investigate these strange events using dramatic reconstructions, CGI imagery, and the latest scientific technology.  

BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE joins the world’s leading experts in their quest for the truth.

Directly leading into BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, Discovery will feature an encore presentation of the popular special,  DRAIN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE at 8 p.m. ET. BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE dives deep – figuratively and literally – into the disappearances of ships and planes in these infamous waters so often dismissed as folklore, including: Severe Storms: Thunderstorms, Waterspouts, and Hurricanes: Located in the centre of Hurricane Alley where hurricane season lasts from early June to late November, the Bermuda Triangle is prone to severe weather phenomena. Could this severe weather be the reason so many ships have gone missing without a trace? White Squalls: Originally dismissed as urban legend, meteorologists now widely believe white squalls are real. Is it possible these sudden violent windstorms, without accompanying dark clouds or heavy rainfall, could have brought down sailing ships and small aircraft in the area? Rogue Waves: Once considered mythical, scientists have proven rogue waves are a natural phenomenon. These rare, monster-sized waves can sweep away large ships without warning. The Gulf Stream runs through the Bermuda Triangle, creating the perfect conditions for rogue waves. Could this be what happened to the SS Poet, a cargo ship that went missing in 1980? Methane Gas Explosions: Could it be that naturally occurring methane gas explosions originating under the ocean floor can cause a large ship to sink suddenly and without warning while having no effect on surrounding craft? Unidentified Underwater Objects (UUOs) and Blue Holes: A Soviet submarine commander patrolling the area in the ‘80s claimed the instruments on board would suddenly malfunction or jam, and that sonar picked up unidentified underwater objects speeding at more than 400 km per hour, defying the laws of physics. Could UUOs be hidden away in a network of underwater tunnels causing “blue holes”? Time Shifting Fog: It’s the stuff of science fiction, but could there be truth to one survivor’s theory about time-shifting weather phenomenon? In 1970, an experienced pilot flew through a storm cloud tunnel over the area. As the storm cloud collapsed, a strange fog attached itself to the aircraft causing what he describes as a glitch through space and time, allowing his plane to mysteriously arrive at its destination in an impossibly short time.


In association with Discovery Canada, BERMUDA TRIANGLE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE is co-produced by award-winning companies Handel Productions (Montréal) and Arrow Media (U.K.). Alan Handel and André Barro are Executive Producers for Handel Productions. Tom Brisley and Nick Metcalfe are Executive Producers for Arrow Media. For Discovery, Bruce Glawson is Executive Producer. Ken MacDonald is Vice-President and General Manager, Discovery. Tracey Pearce is Senior Vice-President, Specialty and Pay, Bell Media.

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