*** New Show Airs Tomorrow Evening *** Guy Lapointe Is the Central Ingredient of TABLE D’HÔTE’s First Episode

— November 6, 2014

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Montreal, November 6, 2014—Tomorrow, RDS will debut TABLE D’HÔTE, a new monthly series that brings together influential sports figures around the dinner table for some great conversation.

For the first episode, which RDS will air on Friday, November 7, at 8:30 p.m. ET, viewers are invited to partake in a feast of anecdotes and memories centring on the career of Guy Lapointe, the former Montreal Canadiens defenseman and member of the legendary “Big Three” whose jersey will be retired and hung from the rafters of the Bell Centre 24 hours later. 

For this special occasion, Lapointe will be joined by three former teammates—Serge Savard, Pierre Bouchard and Réjean Houle. Hosted by Pierre Houde, the debut episode of TABLE D’HÔTE will give viewers a taste of hockey in the 1970s as the guests look back on Lapointe’s career and open up about their memories of the great d-man—and incorrigible practical joker!

“At RDS, we have the opportunity to meet sports figures whose careers and personal stories are exceptional,” notes Domenic Vannelli, vice-president of production at RDS. “Above all, we sometimes have the chance to speak informally and candidly with them, and these privileged off-air moments are full of fascinating anecdotes and behind-the-scenes details that are unknown to the general public. With TABLE D’HÔTE, we want to recreate these special moments in order to share them with our audience.” 

Hosting duties on TABLE D’HÔTE will be handled by various RDS personalities during the coming months, depending on the topic of the show and the VIP guests invited to take a seat at the table. 

For the second episode, which RDS will broadcast on Friday, December 26, at 6 p.m. ET, TABLE D’HÔTE will bring together Jacques Demers, Michel Therrien, Alain Vigneault and Mario Tremblay to shine a light on the realities of a job that’s as demanding as it is prestigious: head coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

Led by Pierre Houde, the guests will talk freely about the highs and lows of their time behind the Habs’ bench. The conversation will cover everything from their sense of pride and the pressure they felt to their relationships with players and the media. In this must-see episode, the coaches will share views, answer questions and swap anecdotes with none of the usual press conference clichés. 
In addition to being the focus of TABLE D’HÔTE’s first episode, Guy Lapointe, a.k.a. “Pointu,” will feature on various RDS shows in the coming days. On Thursday, he will appear in person on SPORTS 30 LE MAGAZINE (4 p.m. ET) and LE 5 À 7 (5 p.m. ET), then take a seat on one of L’ANTICHAMBRE’s blue armchairs on Saturday following the Canadiens-Wild game, during which he will be immortalized as a Habs legend when his number 5 is retired.

Fans can take a look back at Lapointe’s career by reading Bertrand Raymond’s tribute to him on RDS.ca.

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