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— May 23, 2014

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Monday, May 26

  • ELECTION IN UKRAINE: CANADA AM shares the latest details the day after the watershed Ukrainian presidential election.
  • UNEXPLAINED FILES: From strange abductions to mutated species and bizarre occurrences, CANADA AM speaks to astronaut Leroy Chiao about NASA’S UNEXPLAINED FILES airing Monday, May 26 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Science.
  • ANDREW KNAPP: The Canadian photographer and his pet border collie Momo sit down with CANADA AM to chat about their new hide-and-seek photography book Find Momo.

Tuesday, May 27

  • LAKE BELL: The actress and New York native speaks to CANADA AM about her role in the new Disney film Million Dollar Arm.
  • WORTHWHILE WORKOUT: CANADA AM fitness expert Libby Norris shares new ways to use weights in building a worthwhile workout.
  • I AM PILGRIM: Journalist, screenwriter, and author Terry Hayes talks about his new espionage thriller I Am Pilgrim.

Wednesday, May 28

  • MIKE HARRIS: The former Ontario premier discusses his time spent in the Ukraine as an observer of the presidential election.
  • HOLMES ON HOMES: Everyone’s favourite handyman Mike Holmes stops by CANADA AM with his new book The Holmes Manual.
  • DON MCKELLAR: The Canadian director talks about his new movie The Grand Seduction filmed in Newfoundland.

Thursday, May 29

Friday, May 30

  • TAYLOR KITSCH: The Canadian actor and model talks to CANADA AM about his new movie The Grand Seduction.
  • WEB ADDICTS: CANADA AM speaks to Shosh Shlam about her award-winning documentary Web Junkies looking inside the world’s first rehab facility for internet addicted youth.
  • GRILLING FOR THE WEEKEND: Matthew von Teichman joins CANADA AM to share how to tell the difference between store-bought and free-range, grass-fed meat.



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