Olivia Lunny “Gets It” With Chosen Version of "I Got You" on THE LAUNCH

— February 21, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR You’ve heard of “gotcha” moments on television? Well, Olivia Lunny had an electrifying “I Got You” moment on this week’s episode of CTV’s hit music series THE LAUNCH. Lunny’s version of the song “I Got You” received the coveted stamp of approval from celebrity mentor Jann Arden, producer Shaun Frank, Québec pop icon Marie-Mai, and world-renowned music executive Scott Borchetta. Details on how to download Lunny’s unique take on “I Got You” can be found here. Lunny, a 20-year-old from Winnipeg, was challenged in the episode to see herself as a slightly different type of artist and performer, so we chatted with her about the whirlwind experience of appearing on THE LAUNCH and what she sees in store for the future. Q: On the show when you heard that your version of “I Got You” was being launched, we actually could see you physically pause as you processed the news, before becoming overwhelmed. Olivia Lunny: “In my head, if I close my eyes and picture that moment happening, it did take a second to kick in. But once it kicked in, there’s no going back.” Q: As opposed to someone who is starting from scratch, you already have established yourself as an artist. Did that make it harder for you to decide to appear on THE LAUNCH? Olivia Lunny: “I think for most competition shows, that would be the case. But because this show is so focused on the artist and encouraging you to be your authentic self, versus putting you into this box of someone you’re not, I didn’t really think twice.” Q: What was your reaction when you first heard “I Got You”? Olivia Lunny: “I did think it was a bit in my wheelhouse, because I have a song called ‘On My Level’, which you saw in the audition, and it’s kind of that poppy, catchy vibe. But I was a little intimidated at first, because it was more to the right of pop than what my original music is usually.” Q: There was a notable sequence in the episode when you kept adding the word “cuz” to the chorus of “I Got You,” and Shaun Frank kept asking you to leave it out. That’s probably a songwriter’s dilemma, right? Were you just instinctively writing your own song as you went along? Olivia Lunny: “That’s funny you say that, because I agree with you. I think it’s kind of a songwriter’s instinct to add their own things and ad-lib certain parts and put their own flair on it. But with the whole demo process on this show, you do have to sing it pretty spot-on to the demo. So once I got past that, I wasn’t too worried.” Q: You have a chill, mature demeanour, but throughout your life have some people mistaken that for a lack of passion? Because there was a sense of that in the episode, with the mentors pushing you to be more of an extrovert, but maybe that just isn’t you. Olivia Lunny: “I think for people who have grown up with me, they know who I am. But I agree, maybe it can be mistaken sometimes as being shy and more introverted. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Maybe sometimes I’m not as talkative or outgoing, but it ends up inspiring some cool songs, because I keep those emotions and nuggets inside. I did appreciate Marie-Mai’s advice for the performance. I took me as an artist, and then I took who she was pushing me to be, and I found a really happy, comfortable medium.” Q: All things considered, is your perspective different after appearing on THE LAUNCH? Olivia Lunny: “This experience definitely has changed me and my outlook on my music career. Going into this, I was kind of an underdog indie songwriter, that’s how I saw myself, and that’s also how my local community saw me. But this woke up the more pop version of Olivia Lunny. This is something I’m going to keep working toward. It’s a direction that’s beyond what I ever thought I could be.”   billharristv@gmail.com @billharris_tv
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