POP QUIZ: Five Fun Facts about CHUM 104.5’s Morning Show Co-Host, Jamar McNeil

— April 3, 2019

iHeartRadio’s CHUM 104.5 welcomed its newest member to the CHUM family, Jamar McNeil, as co-host for its brand-new morning show MARILYN DENIS AND JAMAR last summer. Now, as Jamar and CHUM 104.5 continue to “Make Mornings Pop”, The Lede gives Jamar a pop quiz of his own:

So Jamar, tell us more about yourself! Where are you from?

Jamar: I'm a proud Jamaican and American citizen. My Caribbean background has greatly influenced my life and alter ego DJ J Niice; a DJ/Producer specializing in Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, and Reggaeton.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Jamar: I LOVE Toronto. It’s the perfect city for me, but if I could choose the PERFECT perfect place for me to live it would be…. UNDERWATER! I’m an Advanced Open Water Scuba diver with countless hours of below surface experience and I've done dives in some of the world's most renowned dive sites like the Antilla in Aruba, Kittiwake in the Cayman Islands, and Darwin's Arch in the Galapagos Islands.

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Jamar: I started in show biz as a child actor. I've appeared in NICKELODEON'S ADVENTURES OF PETE AND PETE, SESAME STREET, and I was a Honey Comb cereal kid (Andre the Giant commercial). These hard-edge, streetwise roles probably helped me land the character of "Vince Boyd" on EMPIRE alongside Taraji P. Henson (S1 Ep6).

Tell us more about growing up in NYC!

Jamar: At heart I'm a typical NY City kid who grew up loving comic books, pizza, house parties, and have been in nightclubs absorbing the vibes since I wasn't legally allowed to do so!  

Favourite Hobbies?

Jamar: I LOVE snowboarding! I've been a volunteer instructor for Burton's "Chill" Foundation and the plot to mold my newborn son Kofi into the Olympic snowboarding star that I never was is in motion. Our recent move to Canada means...my diabolical plan is looking...eggggggcellent! #EvilLaugh

Joining CHUM 104.5 co-host Marilyn Denis weekdays from 5 – 9 a.m. ET, the dynamic duo of Marilyn and Jamar bring a fresh interactive take to mornings, keeping listeners engaged, informed, and entertained all while playing the best music in Toronto.

MARILYN DENIS AND JAMAR is also available across Canada via live stream on the iHeartRadio Canada app, iHeartRadio.ca/CHUM, or just ask for CHUM 104.5 on your smart speaker.

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