Pulsing on All Things Pop-Culture, David Spade Packs a Punch on Social Media and in New Late-Night Series

— July 24, 2019

David Spade proves that an Instagram story can gather as many “LOLs” and cry laughing emojis as a big budget film. The comedian, who was showcasing his satirical sense of humour on all major social media platforms and poking fun of ridiculous headlines long before the announcement of his new show, brings his wry wit to LIGHTS OUT WITH DAVID SPADE, which premieres Monday, July 29 at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy.

Looking back at Spade’s social media feed gives viewers a taste of what they might expect from LIGHTS OUT WITH DAVID SPADE:

    1. His recent reaction on Twitter to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in LA …

    2. Spade’s review of GAME OF THRONES during the hype of the final season.

      via GIPHY

    3. How Los Angeles simply falls into destruction whenever he leaves the city.

    4. Putting his detective skills to the test with a mysterious pair of UGG® boots.

      via GIPHY

      5. His struggle with “broken microwaves” in hotels.


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