Royal Baby Expert Melissa Grelo Shares Her Predictions for the Arrival of Baby Sussex

— April 17, 2019

With the rumoured arrival of the Royal baby expected any day, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to remain silent surrounding the highly anticipated details of their little one. Here to share everything we know about Baby Sussex, including some exclusive predictions, is THE SOCIAL and YOUR MORNING royal baby expert Melissa Grelo:

  1. With the unexpected release of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Instagram account earlier this month, is the royal couple likely to share their baby announcement on the account?
    Count on it! The Sussex Instagram account was perfectly timed for two reasons: 1) as a mechanism to draw the eyes and attention of the world to the Sussex’s charitable work and, 2) to prime the public to look to their social media account for any breaking news or announcements. The couple understands the appetite for any and all information about their unborn child. They will satisfy the world’s desire to see Baby Sussex when they release their first photo online. 

  2. As Meghan and Harry have chosen to keep the gender of their baby a surprise, do you believe it will be a boy or a girl?
    I believe the baby will be a girl! There have been too many hints, clues, and slip-ups pointing in that direction. From Harry’s response to a fan yelling, “I hope the baby is a girl” and his response being, “I hope so too!” to irresistible photos of Harry with young female fans and even dancing with tiny ballerinas, to Meghan’s bestie, Serena Williams telling her friend that she won’t have control over who her *daughter* will become. Hey, I have a 50/50 chance of being right! 

  3. What are the top contenders for royal baby names if it’s a boy or a girl? Do you think they will choose a more traditional or non-traditional set of names?
    I predict that Harry and Meghan will pick a highly significant, but not necessarily traditional name. I believe that a baby girl’s name will include Diana and/or Doria, paying homage to either (or both) of their mothers. A boy is a little trickier, but due to Harry’s close connection to his grandfather, I believe Philip is a strong contender as being at least one of Baby Sussex’s names. 

  4. What is expected to be the baby’s royal title?
    Considering Harry and Meghan’s choice to keep their birth plan and baby’s arrival under wraps, I suspect they will also accept no royal styling for their baby’s name such as HRH, prince or princess, although the Queen could decide differently if asked or if she chooses. According to royal decree, Baby Sussex is too far down the succession line to be styled “royally”. Technically, a baby boy could be named the Earl of Dumbarton and a daughter could be named a lady, but I believe Meghan and Harry will follow the example of Harry’s cousin and Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, and eschew all royal titles for their child(ren) in the effort to raise as “normal” child as is possible. 

  5. Will the baby have British and American dual citizenship?
    This depends on what Meghan decides to do with her citizenship first. As we know, she is currently working towards obtaining her British citizenship. The baby will automatically become a British citizen upon birth; however, if Meghan retains dual citizenship and doesn’t renounce her American passport, the door is open to also obtaining American citizenship for her baby at some point. My guess? She’ll be a dual citizen and obtain dual citizenship for her child as well. She may have married a prince but Meghan will always be a California girl. Her heritage and homeland will always be important to her, and therefore she’ll raise her child with that same affection and connection to the United States. She is worldly and I believe will want this for her child as well. More, not fewer, passports helps in attaining that goal. 

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