Seven New Series Join CTV and CTV Two’s Mid-Season Schedules# # #Kevin Bacon Headlines TV’s Most Buzzed-About New Drama THE FOLL

— December 13, 2012

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“MOTIVE turns the police-procedural on its ear” – National Post



“The mostsuspenseful...the most action-packed...the best new show of the season” – Huffington Post



CULT may be the cult hit of the newTV season.” –



“…medicaldrama with a Jekyll & Hyde twist.” –


Red Widow

“I love me a good mobstory, and this [RED WIDOW] pilot delivered.” –


Golden Boy

“buzzed-about drama” Variety


Toronto (Dec. 13, 2012) – CTV announced today its hot mid-season schedules, including themuch buzzed-about psychological thriller, THEFOLLOWING (Jan. 21) and new original drama series MOTIVE (Feb. 3). The two series are among seven brand-newprograms coming to CTV and CTV Two in 2013, including DO NO HARM (Jan. 31), GOLDEN BOY (March8), CULT (Feb. 19), RED WIDOW (March3), and FAMILYTOOLS (May 1). The CTV schedule is also bolsteredby the return of ratings stalwart AMERICAN IDOL,critical darling SMASH, and a new season of Top 3 hit THE AMAZING RACE.


Highlighting CTV’s mid-season schedule:


  • THE FOLLOWING (Jan. 21 on CTV): From THE VAMPIRE DIARIES creator Kevin Williamson and starring Golden Globe®-winning actor Kevin Bacon in his headlining broadcast television debut, the suspenseful thriller follows an FBI agent chasing a network of serial killers.
  • DO NO HARM (Jan. 31 on CTV): Starring Steven Pasquale (RESCUE ME), DO NO HARM follows Dr. Jason Cole, a highly respected neurosurgeon who has it all – a lucrative career, confident charm, and the gift of compassion. But he also has a deep, dark secret. Hell hath no fury like an alter ego scorned.
  • MOTIVE (Feb. 3 on CTV): Starring Kristin Lehman (THE KILLING), Gemini Award-winning Louis Ferreira (SGU STARGATE UNIVERSE), and Lauren Holly (NCIS), MOTIVE is a captivating one-hour crime drama that follows feisty female homicide detective Angie Flynn on a backwards chase for clues to a killer that has already been revealed to viewers.
  • CULT (Feb. 19 on CTV Two): Starring Matthew Davis (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) and Canadian Jessica Lucas (MELROSE PLACE), CULT tracks the investigation of a string of mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding the show-within-a-show.
  • RED WIDOW (March 3 on CTV Two): From Melissa Rosenberg, writer of the Twilight Saga films and co-executive producer of DEXTER, RED WIDOW stars Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) as a woman who gets caught up in the organized crime world and has to fight to keep her family safe.
  • GOLDEN BOY (March 8 on CTV): This new cop-drama follows the meteoric rise of an ambitious NYC officer, Walter William Clark, Jr. (Theo James, BEDLAM), who becomes the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City. Much to his disappointment, Walter is paired up with veteran Detective Don Owen (Chi McBride, BOSTON PUBLIC), a gruff lifer just two years shy of retirement.
  • FAMILY TOOLS (May 1 on CTV Two): Starring Leah Remini (THE KING OF QUEENS), FAMILY TOOLS is a new comedy about a habitual screw-up (Kyle Bornheimer, ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED ) who is forced to take over the family handyman business and unexpectedly discovers that he may have found his calling. 
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