Winter 2019 Numeris Surveys: Bell Media Still #1 in the English Montreal Market (1)

Montréal — March 6, 2019

Bell Media’s six Montréal stations, CHOM 97 7, 95.9 Virgin Radio, CJAD 800, TSN Radio 690, 107.3 Rouge and ÉNERGIE 94.3, reach 3.9 million listeners each week (2)

MONTRÉAL (March 6, 2019) – Numeris’ winter 2019 Personal People Meter (PPM) surveys released yesterday confirm Bell Media is once again the #1 radio broadcaster in the English Montréal market with a 65.8 combined commercial share among adults 25-541 thanks to top performing stations CHOM 97 7, 95.9 Virgin Radio, CJAD 800, and TSN Radio 690. CJAD 800 still holds the top spot among all listeners age 2+, with a 38.6 commercial share.1 CHOM 97 7 has a 28.1 commercial share among men 25-54.1 Meanwhile, 95.9 Virgin Radio earned a 20.7 commercial share among women 25-54.1 Finally, sports station TSN Radio 690 has a 7.5 commercial share among its target group, men 25-54, up 42% over winter 2018.1 Every week, Bell Media reaches more than 3.9 million listeners with its six Montréal stations (CHOM 97 7, 95.9 Virgin Radio, CJAD 800, TSN Radio 690, 107.3 Rouge and ÉNERGIE 94.3).10 These top performing stations enable Bell Media to provide advertisers with an effective, complementary offering in both the English and the French Montréal markets.   107.3 Rouge: The # 1 station among adults 25-54 and women 25-54 in the French Montréal market2 107.3 Rouge is the most popular French station in Montréal, across all categories, adults 25-54 and 18-49 and women 25-541, ahead of 98,5 FM and Rythme FM. Over the past year, the station’s commercial market share has increased an impressive 69% among adults 25-54 and 67% among women 25-54.1 107.3 Rouge has earned a 26 commercial share this winter among adults 25-54 and a 34.3 share among women 25-541, its best results ever. 107.3 Rouge also broadcasts the five most-listened to programs in Montréal for adults aged 25-54 and the eight most-listened to programs for women aged 25-543. The phenomenal success of VÉRONIQUE ET LES FANTASTIQUES continues as Véronique Cloutier continues to be the top pick for the afternoon drive among adults 25-54 and women 25-54.2 Compared to Winter 2018, 107.3 Rouge has grown its market share in this timeslot by 78% among adults 25-54 and 86% among women 25-54.2 The morning show ON EST TOUS DEBOUT, with Dominic Arpin, Mélanie Maynard, and Marjorie Vallée, remains the top choice with women 25-544. From 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ROUGE AU TRAVAIL, with Julie St-Pierre, and LE LUNCH 90-2000, with Patrick Langlois and Marjorie Vallée, continue to top the ratings among adults 25-54 and women 25-54.5 107.3 Rouge is also the favourite weekend choice among adults 24-54 and women 25-54.6   ÉNERGIE 94.3: ÇA RENTRE AU POSTE sees its market share increase by 67% with men 25-547 This winter, ÉNERGIE 94.3 has a 21.6 commercial market share among men 25-54, a 49% increase over Winter 2018. This is ÉNERGIE 94.3’s best survey result to date.1 Compared to winter 2018, ÇA RENTRE AU POSTE, hosted by José Gaudet, Richard Turcotte, and Marie-Christine Proulx, has grown its market share by 67% among men 25-54.7 The morning show LE BOOST!, with Philo Lirette, Jonathan Roberge, Julibou Olivier Martineau and François Pérusse, has grown its share 30% among men 25-54 since last winter.8 Programs TES HITS AU TRAVAIL, with Kim Rusk (morning) and Claudine Prévost (afternoon), and MIDI +, with Mike Gauthier and Claudine Prévost, have risen to number one among men 25-54.9 Rouge 107.3 and ÉNERGIE 94.3 enable Bell Media to reach 44% in commercial shares with adults aged 25-54 in Montréal, an increase of 49% in one year.1  Note that the winter 2019 Numeris PPM surveys were conducted from November 26, 2018 to February 24, 2019.   Sources: Numeris (PPM), Winter 2019 (13 weeks) / Winter 2018 (13 weeks) Other surveys used for “best performance” of Rouge and ÉNERGIE: commercial meter surveys (13 weeks, excluding summer surveys since non-commercial in Montreal) since THE Fall 2011 launch of Rouge FM/Énergie during the Fall 2015.
  • A25-54, W25-54, M25-54, T2+, Mon-Sun, 2am-2am, CITE, CKMF, CJFM, CHOM, CJAD, CKGM, French/English Montreal, commercial share* (based on the total listening hours for the commercial stations in the station’s market)
  • A25-54, W25-54, Mon-Thu, 4-6pm, CITE, CKMF, CHMP, CFGL, CKOI, CKAC, CKLX, French Montreal, market share
  • A25-54, W25-54, Top shows, French Montreal, average minute audience (AMA) based on the respective timeslots of all commercial shows* in the market
  • A25-54, W25-54, Mon-Fri, 5:30-8:30am, CITE, French Montreal, market share
  • A25-54, W25-54, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4pm, CITE, French Montreal, market share based on the respective timeslots of the 107.3 Rouge shows
  • A25-54, W25-54, Sat-Sun, 2am-2am, CITE, French Montreal, market share
  • M25-54, Mon-Fri, 3:30-5:30pm, CKMF, French Montreal, market share
  • M25-54, Mon-Fri, 5:30-9am, CKMF, French Montreal, market share
  • M25-54, Mon-Fri, 9am-3:30pm, CKMF, French Montreal, market share based on the respective timeslots of the ÉNERGIE 94.3 shows
  • T2+, Mon-Sun, 2am-2am, all Bell Media radio stations combined or individual station, as the case may be (CKMF, CITE, CJFM, CHOM, CJAD, CKGM), full coverage, weekly reach
  *Commercial stations: French Montreal: CKMF, CITE, CHMP, CFGL, CKOI, CKAC, CKLX English Montreal: CJFM, CHOM, CJAD, CKGM, CKBE

Source: Numeris

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