T. Thomason is letter-perfect, embracing "Hope" with a career-changing performance on THE LAUNCH

— February 7, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR You can’t spell “hit” without a “T,” and a talented 24-year-old named T. Thomason hopes he has a big hit on his hands after last night’s episode of THE LAUNCH on CTV. T. Thomason emerged as this week’s chosen artist, as his version of the inspirational song “Hope” most impressed legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, producer Alex Hope, Québec pop icon Marie-Mai, and world-renowned music executive Scott Borchetta. Details on how to download the song can be found here. We caught up with T. Thomason for a quick Q-and-A about his experience on the career-changing show, which continues next Wednesday, Feb. 13 with another new episode at 8 p.m. ET on CTV. Q: You already have quite a bit of experience in the music business, so what made you decide to try out for THE LAUNCH? T. Thomason: “As my voice has changed and my life has changed, I kind of wanted to change up my style of music, not necessarily wanting to do indie rock as much. I wanted to go in a more pop direction. I just found that watching THE LAUNCH last season, they seemed to be really supportive of the underdog, or people who had a different path and weren't necessarily always represented in mainstream music. They seemed to really respect the artists, and also wanted to take a few who had already kind of realized their vision artistically and just support that. So I thought, what better show for me right now?” Q: When you first heard the song “Hope,” did you think that it was in your natural wheelhouse? T.Thomason: “I definitely was emotionally affected by the song right away, but a lot of the songs that I write are not necessarily hopeful songs (laughs). I write introspective songs, a lot of relationship songs, breakup songs, that kind of thing. So when I heard this song, I thought, I can relate to it, but I don't know if I necessarily would have picked up a pen and written it right off the bat. But I was inspired by Jamie and Elijah's episode (in Season 1 of THE LAUNCH, referring to Juno Award-nominated Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine), where they kind of tweaked their song a little bit. So I thought, if they'll let me do that with this song, then I think I can take this all the way. I'm a songwriter, and that's what I needed to really get inside this song.” Q: That definitely was a gutsy move, when you told the mentors that you had personalized “Hope” by changing a few of the lyrics. T. Thomason: “I got that confidence from watching Jamie and Elijah. I thought, if any show is going to let me do this, it's going to be this show.” Q: You auditioned with a guitar, but you didn’t have it in the performance segment. Were you not allowed to use an instrument T. Thomason: “Oh no, they totally gave me the option. I think they even just assumed that I was going to use my guitar. But I didn't want to. I love playing guitar, obviously, but I've been waiting for the opportunity to kind of get out from behind it a little bit. And Marie-Mai was giving me such great information about how to use my body and use the space. It's something I want to move toward and I was excited, because it has been a dream to really get out and be a front man. This song provides such an opportunity to connect with an audience. I wanted to be able to walk across the stage and really look at people and really reach out to them, and it's just harder to do that when you have a guitar.” Q: What advice would you give other aspiring artists if they were considering trying out for THE LAUNCH? T. Thomason: “I've already told a few of my friends that they should go on THE LAUNCH. Why wouldn't you want to challenge yourself? And be yourself – that's what they want!” billharristv@gmail.com @billharris_tv
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