The Importance of Female Empowerment through Sport from HER MARK Attendees

— July 22, 2019

This summer has been one for the books for TSN’s Kate Beirness – from reporting on the Toronto Raptors’ historic championship run to hosting the network’s FIFA Women’s World Cup coverage to earning an honourary doctorate degree. And this past weekend marked another milestone on her calendar: the annual HER MARK female empowerment summit.

Held on Saturday, July 20 at MLSE LaunchPad in Toronto, Beirness led the third annual edition of this one-day summit aimed at inspiring and motivating the next generation of Canadian female leaders in whatever life may throw at them. Throughout the event, female high school students heard from motivational speakers, made new connections with their peers, and completed an interactive training circuit alongside past and present special guest Olympians, including Jayna Hefford, Cheryl Pounder, Laura Stacey, Sarah Nurse, Mandy Bujold, Rosie MacLennan, Diana Matheson, and Carmelina Moscato.

HER MARK ambassadors Lindsay Hamilton (SPORTSCENTRE), Marci Ien (THE SOCIAL), and Kayla Grey (SPORTSCENTRE) say their motivation to get involved with this day-long event is part of a greater mission – to encourage girls to take learning experiences like this with them into everyday life and continue to grow as strong, independent women.

“When I was either playing sports growing up or involved in extracurricular activities, I wish I had programs like this to not only remind me to find a healthy balance in life but to have inspiring role models and mentors who can guide and shape who you are.” – Lindsay Hamilton

“For me, it’s so important to be here for these women. Growing up in my industry, I didn’t have access to this kind of mentorship. I’m glad to have the opportunity to give back and talk about my journey so far, both personally and professionally. I hope it will create something within [the participants] where they find confidence in themselves at times when I didn’t. It’s all about giving the next generation something that I didn’t have, so they can have a head start in living up to their fullest potential.” – Marci Ien

“Girls need to see themselves and see that they can achieve things. When you’re around Olympians, when you’re around sportscasters, when you’re around people who you aspire to be – you can realize, ‘Oh yeah, they’re just a story away from being my story,’ and I think that’s incredible. Truly there’s no better way to bond people than through sport – that’s what I’ve found in my life – and it’s great to see these girls connect through it.” – Kayla Grey

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