The Lede FAQs

— February 25, 2019

1) I have a working user name and password for the previous Bell Media Press Room site. Do I have to change anything? No. If you have a working user name and password for, those credentials will give you access to the media section of The Lede. Just remember to log on at 2) I'm not sure if my user name and password are still in working order, I've forgotten one or the other, or I can't remember what access I have. Who should I contact? Please contact if you have any issues logging in, or questions about access. 3) I don't already have a user name and password for the; how do I gain access? You must register for access to The Lede here. Once the form is filled out, our team will evaluate the application and you will be informed once approved. If you are on deadline and require urgent access, please email 4) How do I log into The Lede? And who do I contact if I have issues logging in? You can log onto The Lede here, using your email and password. You can contact if you have issues logging into your account. 5) Where can I access/download photography? Each show page will have high-res photography available to download. In addition, every day there will be a new Photo of the Day featured on the home page, to highlight our exclusive content. Each image has a download button in the center of the image. 6) How do I review episode screeners? You can view screeners in two places: the home page and show pages. The “Trailers and Screeners” section on the home page will feature our newest screeners and individual show pages with have all available trainers and screeners for that specific show. You must be logged in to view the videos. 7) Can the general public visit The Lede? Yes; however, they cannot download media assets or view screeners. 8) What is “Today’s Lede Stories”? Today’s Lede Stories is a daily recap of Bell Media programming, to keep you up to date and informed on the latest entertainment news. Today’s Lede Stories is updated all-week long, so check in as much as possible for new content. A daily newsletter is also released every morning. To subscribe, please email


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Kaitlynn Jong

Publicity Coordinator, The Lede
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