There's Plenty to Love About "Don't Say You Love Me" As Edmonton's Maddie Storvold Emerges on THE LAUNCH

— February 28, 2019

By BILL HARRIS Special to BellMedia PR Maddie Storvold embraced a rare and exciting opportunity to look forward, and look back, in this week’s episode of THE LAUNCH! The biggest news, of course, is that the 23-year-old country singer from Edmonton excelled as the chosen artist on THE LAUNCH. Storvold’s version of “Don’t Say You Love Me” got the thumbs-up from celebrity mentor, song producer, and co-writer Bryan Adams, Quebec pop icon Marie-Mai, and world-renowned music executive Scott Borchetta. , Details on how to download the song can be found here. During the episode, Storvold revealed that the first concert she ever attended, when she was eight years old, was an Adams concert in Dubai, and she was disappointed that she didn’t get pulled up on stage with him to sing "When You’re Gone." Upon hearing that story, Adams said, “Want to do it now?”, which led to an impromptu duet. “That was 15 years coming!” Storvold said. We spoke to Storvold about her amazing experience on THE LAUNCH. Q: The most unexpected part of the episode was your unscheduled duet with Bryan Adams on “When You’re Gone” during your audition. Your eyes went wide for a moment, but then you didn’t freeze. How did you manage to keep calm enough to pull it off? Maddie Storvold: “I just thought, I either sing it with him, or I choke and I don’t, so I might as well do the first one! I actually know that song really well, because I cover it with my trio. At that moment, I was just excited, and I wasn’t really worried that I would mess it up, because I felt confident that Bryan probably knew it!” Q: Bryan has so many songs, he could be excused for forgetting some lyrics every now and then, but both of you were right on top of it. I’m sure the other aspiring artists must have been jealous. Maddie Storvold: “I hope they don’t feel that they missed out, because it’s a really amazing opportunity for everyone. But even if I hadn’t been the chosen artist, I still would be really grateful for that moment.” Q: Once you got into the studio to record “Don’t Say You Love Me,” Bryan really pushed you to sing every line the way he wanted it. The setup of THE LAUNCH dictates that everything has to move fast, but then Bryan kept asking you to slow down! Maddie Storvold: “Yeah, pick one! There was some mixed messaging happening there! But you know what? I was so thankful, because I need that to get better. Instead of someone coddling me, I want someone saying, ‘No, do it this way.’ I need someone at that level telling me how to make it work.” Q: What was the best piece of advice you got on THE LAUNCH? Maddie Storvold: “The best advice I got, which I will take with me through the rest of my career, is that you need to feel the song that you’re singing, you need to believe it yourself if you want other people to believe you. Scott told me that. Because, you know, I find so much joy in music that I think I end up always smiling a lot, laughing, and goofing around, but Scott really encouraged me to focus on the story, feel the story, and be true to what you’re singing. You’re not just singing, you’re delivering, you’re giving something to people. I will take that with me for the rest of my life.” Q: So you got “Launched,” you got some career-changing advice, and you finally got pulled up on stage with Bryan Adams! Maddie Storvold: “Well, technically I pulled him up on stage!” Q: Ha, that’s true! Either way, it worked! Maddie Storvold: “I’m just really glad to have that memory always.” @billharris_tv
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