Thirsty? MOONSHINERS Returns to Discovery on Nov. 28

— November 1st, 2013

TORONTO (November 1, 2013) – “White Lightning,” “Bathtub Gin,”  or “Mountain Dew”  -- by any name, moonshine is made in secret and it’s illegal. But the bootleggers, backwoods stills, and family traditions continue when MOONSHINERS returns to Discovery for Season 3, premiering Thursday, November 28 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.


Thirsty? MOONSHINERS returns to Discovery for a third season, Nov. 28

Moonshining – a multi-million dollar industry based on a practice that’s more than 200 years old – brings shiners from all across Appalachia, and as far south as Mississippi, who are working with the elements to create the stuff of legends. MOONSHINERS shares the stories of the men and women who keep tradition alive – and make a fortune in the process – distilling illegal whiskey in the back woods of their respective territories. The series also follows the law enforcement tasked with capturing shiners in the act of making moonshine. While moonshine can bring a pretty price, it’s all crafted outside the bounds of federal and state laws. The cat-and-mouse game between moonshiners and law enforcement becomes a high-stakes exercise of constant pursuit, near captures and repeated escapes. Moonshiners must constantly adapt to the changing methods of law enforcement and apply new and covert methods of distillation and distribution to increase profits while staying one step ahead of the law.

In Season 3, veteran shiner, Tim Smith, has a startling announcement that will forever change the face of moonshining in the region. Tim’s new venture means Tickle is on his own and he’ll need a crash course in building stills to prove it’s his time to shine. Traditionalists Jeff and Mark go modern in an attempt to dominate and expand their territory, while rookie moonshiners Josh and Bill return with new knowledge and a serious chip on their shoulders. Veteran and larger-than-life moonshiner Jim Tom is also back, as an influx of new shiners creates a wave of stiff competition. But, shiners are found throughout the country, and Season 3 also offers a first taste of Mississippi moonshines, made in the swamps by Mike, Shot, and Darlene.

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