This December on HBO Canada: Winter Comes Early with a GAME OF THRONES Marathon, the Series Finale of THE NEWSROOM, and New Docu

— November 27, 2014

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Below is a chronological listing of HBO Canada programming highlights forDecember. All programming is subject to change (all times ET; visit hbocanada.comto confirm local broadcast times).


Tuesday, Dec. 2

10 p.m. –STATE OF PLAY: CULTURE SHOCK – Episode 3 of 4

This 30-minute documentary episode explores how the National Football League,America’s most popular sports organization, is confronting the enormouschallenge of making the game safer, chronicling the physical toll of the game onits players, a subject that has taken center stage over the past two years.


Friday, Dec. 5

11 p.m. –FOO FIGHTERS: SONIC HIGHWAYS – Season 1, Episode 8 of 8 –*Series Finale*


Saturday, Dec. 6



Sunday, Dec. 7

9 p.m. –THE NEWSROOM – Season 3, Episode 5 of 6

Incarcerated for contempt, Will (Jeff Daniels) refuses to reveal the name ofNeal’s (Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire) government source. Appearing toembrace Pruit’s (B.J. Novak, THE OFFICE) mandate to capture younger viewers,Charlie (Sam Waterston, LAW & ORDER) orders a reluctant Don (ThomasSadoski, Wild) to track down principals in a sexual-abuse case at anelite college. Sloan (Olivia Munn, NEW GIRL) voices her objection to a newdigital site. Stranded in a Moscow airport, Jim (John Gallagher, Jr., HBO’sOLIVE KITTERIDGE) and Maggie (Canadian Alison Pill, Scott Pilgrim vs. theWorld) look to land seats for a Cuban-bound plane, hoping to interview oneof its high-profile passengers.


10 p.m. –THE COMEBACK – Season 2, Episode 5 of 8

On the set ofSEEING RED, a new director’s decision to use a green screen takes Valerie (LisaKudrow) out of her comfort zone. Billy (Dan Bucatinsky, WEB THERAPY) flips outwhen HBO publicity sets up an exclusive interview for Valerie. Later, worriedabout an increasingly agitated Paulie G. (Lance Barber, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA), Valerie pays a visit to his old writingpartner.

10:35 p.m.– GETTING ON – Season 2, Episode 5 of 6

DiDi (Niecy Nash, THE MINDY PROJECT) struggles to deal with her youngersister Sherrie (Lateefah Holder), who’s filling in at Billy Barnes and cozyingup to Dawn (Alex Borstein, SHAMELESS). Jenna (Laurie Metcalf, THE BIG BANGTHEORY) gets a new look and encounters resistance to her research methods. Patsy(Mel Rodriguez, ENLISTED) lets an award go to his head. The staff tries tobalance patient flow and has issues discharging a patient they’d hoped never tosee again.


Monday, Dec. 8

9 p.m. –REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG – *Premiere*

An intimate and nuanced investigation into the life of one of the mostinfluential and provocative thinkers of the 20th century. Thedocumentary explores Sontag's life through archival materials, accounts fromfriends, family, colleagues, and lovers, as well as her own words, as read byPatricia Clarkson.


Tuesday, Dec. 9

10 p.m. –STATE OF PLAY: FIRST LADIES – Episode 4 of 4

The fourth episode focuses on the challenges of balancing the pursuit ofprofessional success and family obligations. FIRST LADIES follows three coupleswhose vows shape their decisions on the field and at home, and the role thesespouses have played in their family’s success. Profiled are Pittsburgh Steelershead coach Mike Tomlin and wife Kiya, NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick and wifeDeLana, and Texas high school football coach Scott Lenhoff and his wifeMegan.


Saturday, Dec. 13

8 p.m. –ALTMAN – *Canadian Documentary Premiere*

A recent selection of the Venice International Film Festival,ALTMAN is an original documentary from The Movie Network,directed by Ron Mann. The film examines the life and work of seven-timeOscar®-nominated American Filmmaker, Robert Altman (MASH, GosfordPark, The Player), whose unique style of filmmaking won himfriends and enemies, earned him world-wide praise and occasionally scathingcriticism, and proved that it is possible to make truly independent films.




Sunday, Dec. 14

9 p.m. –THE NEWSROOM – Season 3, Episode 6 of 6 – *SeriesFinale*

A sudden death leads Will and Mac (Emily Mortimer, HBO’s DOLL & EM) toponder the milestones that transformed the newsroom, and look ahead towardsACN’s uncertain future. Maggie lands a field-producer interview in Washington;Neal’s digital site is shut down for repairs; Leona (Jane Fonda) offers sageadvice to Pruit.


10:05 p.m.– THE COMEBACK – Season 2, Episode 6 of 8

Valerie tries toplan a special date night for her and Mark (Damian Young, PERSON OF INTEREST),but a grueling day-long reshoot in the desert thwarts her plans. Meanwhile,Valerie sets off Paulie’s anxiety by talking about early reviews of SEEINGRED.

10:40 p.m.– GETTING ON – Season 2, Episode 6 of 6 – *SeasonFinale*

A whistleblower brings disturbing news about the hospice program to light,putting the entire staff’s future in question. Dawn takes a big romantic step,but unexpectedly finds herself caught between two suitors. DiDi takes her salaryissues to Jenna, who tries to hold everything together.


Monday, Dec. 15

7 p.m. –SAVING MY TOMORROW: KIDS CARE FOR THE PLANET – Part 1 andPart 2 – *Premiere*

A family special on the environment presented by HBO and The American Museumof Natural History, kids share their thoughts on everything from endangeredanimals to climate change to photosynthesis in this lyrical mix of science,animation, and stories of plants and animals threatened by a changing earth.Special readings and appearances by Alan Cumming (THE GOOD WIFE), Tina Fey (30ROCK), singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, and others.


Tuesday, Dec. 16

11 p.m. –TAPIA – *Premiere*

This documentary from HBO Sports chronicles the tortured soul of JohnnyTapia, five-time world champion boxer, whose unprecedented success wasovershadowed by a volatile drug addiction brought on by the brutal rape andmurder of his mother. Directed by Eddie Alcazar and produced byGrammy® Award-winning rapper 50 Cent, the film candidlyreveals Tapia's public struggles through intimate interviews, archival footage,and photos that showcase his vivacious personality and child-like gusto. Withthe love and support of his wife by his side, the film follows Tapia's rise toone of the most legendary fighters of our time, in and out of the ring.


Friday, Dec. 19 – Thursday, Jan. 1


Winter is coming early for GAME OF THRONES fans as HBOCanada brings viewers back to when the Starks still ruled Winterfell, thedragons were still in their shells, and Jon Snow was still searching for hisplace at The Wall. Episodes air back-to-back beginning at 9 p.m. every night ofthe week from December 19 to January 1. 


Sunday, Dec. 21

11 p.m. –THE COMEBACK – Season 2, Episode 7 of 8 *specialtime*

SEEING REDis finally on the air and Valerie is exposed to a variety of critical thoughtsabout her career. And surprisingly – far more critical than the ladies of THETALK or a press room of media bloggers – is her husband Mark. And on a surprisetrip to Mickey's (Robert Michael Morris, RUNNING WILDE) apartment – Val gets asurprise herself.

Friday, Dec. 26 – Tuesday, Dec. 30


Catch all three seasons of Aaron Sorkin’s THE NEWSROOM,beginning December 26 until December 30 on HBO Canada. Episodes air back-to-backfrom 4 to 9 p.m. every night of the week.


Sunday, Dec. 28

11 p.m. –THE COMEBACK – Season 2, Episode 8 of 8 – *Season Finale ata special time*


Wednesday, Dec. 31


Before New Year’s Eve festivities begin, viewers can brush up on what not todo with a HELLO LADIES marathon on HBO Canada. Catch the entire eight-episodeHELLO LADIES series, followed by the feature-length conclusionHELLO LADIES: THE MOVIE.


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