This November on The Movie Network: IFC Comedy THE BIRTHDAY BOYS Returns, TRANSPORTER – THE SERIES

— October 29, 2014

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Below is a chronological listing of The Movie Network programming highlightsfor November. All programming is subject to change (all times ET; visit themovienetwork.cato confirm local broadcast times).


Saturday, Nov. 1

7:25 p.m.– THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH (2014) – *Canadian FeatureFilm Premiere*

Premiering exclusively on The Movie Network, THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKEFISHfollows Mica (Douglas Smith, HBO’s BIG LOVE), a seemingly normalboy, who strangely, smells like fish. Doctors, his therapist, and even hisparents are at a loss. No one wants to be his friend, until Laura (Zoë Kravitz,X-Men: First Class) walks into his life.


9 p.m. –AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013) – *Premiere*

This Oscar®-nominated film looks at the lives of the strong-willedwomen of the Weston family, whose paths have diverged until a family crisisbrings them back to the Oklahoma house where they grew up. Starring Meryl Streepand Julia Roberts.


Sunday, Nov. 2

9 p.m. –TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES – Season 2, Episode 6 of12

Prague/Berlin: Frank (Chris Vance, DEXTER) is hired totransport a famous singer to and from her concert venues.


10 p.m.–THE AFFAIR – Season 1, Episode 4 of 10


Thursday, Nov. 6

8:30 p.m.– THE BIRTHDAY BOYS – Season 2, Episode 1 of 10 *Season 2Premiere*

The social class episode. A Ralph Lauren-esque fashion designer, a man raisedin the woods, and a desperate indie rock band long to find their places in theworld.


9 p.m. –COLD COMES THE NIGHT (2014) – *Premiere*

A struggling motel owner (Alice Eve, Star Trek Into Darkness) andher daughter are taken hostage by a nearly blind criminal (Bryan Cranston,BREAKING BAD) to be his eyes as he attempts to retrieve his cash package from acrooked cop.


Friday, Nov. 7

9 p.m. –STALINGRAD (2013) – *Premiere*

A band of Russian soldiers fight to hold a strategic building in theirdevastated city against a ruthless German army, and in the process become deeplyconnected to two Russian women who have been living there. Starring MariyaSmolnikova (The Daughter) and Thomas Kretschmann (Wanted).


Saturday, Nov. 8

9 p.m. –300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014) – *Premiere*

Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton, STRIKE BACK) leads the chargeagainst invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (RodrigoSantoro, I love You Philip Morris) and Artemisia (Eva Green, PENNYDREADFUL), vengeful commander of the Persian navy.


Sunday, Nov. 9

9 p.m. –TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES – Season 2, Episode 7 of12

Crimea: Frank asks Jules (Mark Rendall, 30 Days of Night) to helphim retrieve a vital document for a client who also wants to hire anothertransporter for the job.


10 p.m.–THE AFFAIR – Season 1, Episode 5 of 10


Thursday, Nov. 13

8:30 p.m.– THE BIRTHDAY BOYS – Season 2, Episode 2 of 10

The American dream in its many forms. A well-meaning Polish immigrant father(Bob Odenkirk, BREAKING BAD) does his best for his seven DJ sons. Twotime-travelers hit a speed bump in their bid to kill Hitler.


9 p.m. –THE RETURNED (2013) –*Premiere*

In a post-zombie world, where the infected live normal lives, theirretroviral drug is running out. Starring Kris Holden-Ried (Underworld:Awakening) and Emily Hampshire (Cosmopolis).


Friday, Nov. 14

9 p.m. –BAD COUNTRY (2014) –*Premiere*

Detective Bud Carter (William Dafoe, Spider-Man) busts contractkiller Jesse Weiland (Matt Dillon, WAYWARD PINES) and convinces him to rat out apowerful crime ring. When the syndicate orders Carter's death and Weiland's ID'das a snitch, the two team-up to take down the mob.


Saturday, Nov. 15

9 p.m. –DELIVERY MAN (2013) –*Premiere*

An affable underachiever (Vince Vaughn) finds out he's fathered 533 childrenthrough anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago.


Sunday, Nov. 16

9 p.m. –TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES – Season 2, Episode 8 of12

Chicago: The FBI hires Frank to track down a chemical weaponfrom a crime lord who operates in a restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown.


10 p.m.–THE AFFAIR – Season 1, Episode 6 of 10


Thursday, Nov. 20

8:30 p.m.– THE BIRTHDAY BOYS – Season 2, Episode 3 of 10

The debate is over. The Birthday Boys definitively prove that women arefunny, but at what cost?


9 p.m. –ALL THE WRONG REASONS (2013) *CanadianFeature Film Premiere*

Four everyday people, including a store manager (Cory Monteith, GLEE), asecurity guard (Karine Vanasse, X-Men: Days of Future Past), a firefighter (Kevin Zegers, The Colony), and a clerk (EmilyHampshire,Cosmopolis), struggle in the aftermath of traumaticevent.


Friday, Nov. 21

9 p.m. –HOURS (2013) –*Premiere*

A father (Paul Walker, The Fast and the Furious movie franchise)struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of HurricaneKatrina.


Saturday, Nov. 22

9 p.m. –ENDLESS LOVE (2014) –*Premiere*

The story of a privileged girl (Gabriella Wilde, Carrie) and acharismatic boy (Alex Pettyfer, Magic Mike) whose instantdesire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keepthem apart.


Sunday, Nov. 23

9 p.m. –TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES – Season 2, Episode 9 of12

Belarus: Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand, JUSQU’ICI TOUT VA BIEN)arrives in a rural villa to arrest a counterfeiter whose fake medicines havekilled many children.


10 p.m.–THE AFFAIR – Season 1, Episode 7 of 10


Thursday, Nov. 27

8:30 p.m.– THE BIRTHDAY BOYS – Season 2, Episode 4 of 10

Jack Black is the jaded star of a beloved movie franchise reboot. The guysfall head over heels for a fast food chain's social marketing campaign.


9 p.m. –THE PRIVILEGED (2013)–*Premiere*

Richard Hunter (Joshua Close, The Exorcism of Emily Rose), apromising young lawyer at a prestigious firm, has the perfect future mapped out.However, a costly mistake with a powerful client has put it all at risk.


Friday, Nov. 28

9 p.m. –REASONABLE DOUBT – *Premiere*

A District Attorney (Dominic Cooper, Captain America: The FirstAvenger) has his life turned upside down when he's involved in a hit andrun and another man (Samuel L. Jackson) is arrested for his crime and chargedwith murder.


Saturday, Nov. 29

9 p.m. –ENEMY (2013) – *Premiere*

Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in amovie.


Sunday, Nov. 30

9 p.m. –TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES – Season 2, Episode 10 of12

Toronto: A client hires Frank to kidnap her to help her fleean abusive boyfriend, the CEO of one of the biggest technology companies inCanada.



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