This Week on W5 – FOWL BUSINESS

— October 20, 2016

Airdate: Saturday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV GO, and Promo for W5’s episode this week: Available on W5’s Facebook Page Video Clips: Available upon request to Interview Opportunities: Victor Malarek is available for interviews on Friday, Oct. 21. Please contact with interview requests. KEY STORYLINE: This week, Canada’s most-watched investigative documentary series W5 delivers “FOWL BUSINESS”, an exclusive hidden camera investigation inside a B.C. turkey processing plant that raises questions about how the animals are handled in the slaughterhouse. A traditional holiday meal, last year Canadians bought more than 7 million whole turkeys, most of those for Thanksgiving and Christmas. W5 Senior Reporter Victor Malarek takes viewers on a less than appetizing journey into the business of getting turkeys from farm to fork. Featuring video captured secretly by an undercover investigator working for the animal rights organization Mercy for Animals and provided exclusively to W5, the disturbing footage captures cruel treatment of birds as they arrive at the plant, and later hung on conveyor belts and killed. Despite the disturbing scenes, the treatment of the turkeys is completely legal under Canadian law. W5 reviews the footage with world-renowned animal welfare specialist Dr. Temple Grandin, who has dedicated her life to working with the industry to design more humane slaughter systems. Also this week, W5’s “FAMILY BUSINESS” is an exclusive profile of Canadian billionaire Charles Bronfman in advance of the release of his memoirs, Distilled: A Memoir of Family, Seagram, Baseball and Philanthropy. One of Canada’s richest men, Bronfman sits down with CTV News Special Correspondent Lloyd Robertson, providing an inside view of the family that once owned the liquor giant Seagram, along with investments in chemicals, oil, real estate, movies, and music. In the most extensive interview he’s ever given, Bronfman provides insight on the sale and decline of the family empire, the heady years when he owned the Montreal Expos – bringing Major League Baseball to Canada – and his commitment to charitable causes and advocacy.


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