— November 25, 2016

Airdate: Saturday, Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV GO, and Promo for W5’s episode this week:  Available on W5’s Facebook Page Video Clips: Available upon request to KEY STORYLINE: This week, W5’s “THE FORGOTTEN” examines cases of Canadian Thalidomide survivors who have been denied government compensation packages. Prescribed as a treatment for morning sickness in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Thalidomide caused the deaths of thousands of babies and deformed thousands more worldwide. The so-called “sample babies” are living with deformities consistent with Thalidomide exposure, but have no proof, because their mothers were given samples of the drug without a prescription, and no records exist. To this day, the Thalidomide horror is held up as an example of all that can go wrong when drugs aren’t properly tested before they are approved. W5 first reported about the consequences of Health Canada’s lack of vigilance in the late 1960s, and nearly fifty years later returns to the issue as a handful of Thalidomide victims seek to overturn government policies. W5 Host and Managing Editor Kevin Newman meets with several victims deeply hurt by the government’s rejection of their extensive medical records and affidavits signed by mothers who confirm they took the drug. Also in this episode, W5’s “HANI” continues its coverage of Hani Al Mouria, a young Syrian refugee who settled in Canada with his family, first featured in W5’s “HANI’S JOURNEY” in March 2016. Since profiling the visually impaired photographer’s haunting images of the refugee camp in Lebanon where he and his family lived after fleeing their war-torn homeland, and documenting the family’s struggles integrating into Canadian society, W5 takes viewers inside his participation in We Day, as he prepares to begin his university education in Toronto. And on the eve of the CFL 104th Grey Cup kick-off, TSN reporter Brian Williams delivers “UNDER THE WEATHER”, a special segment for W5 that looks back at the weather curse that has dominated several of the championship games held in Toronto.


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