TSN’s Sideline Reporters Set to be in the Middle of the Action at the 106th GREY CUP Presented by Shaw

— November 22, 2018

Grey Cup weekend is upon us, with the Calgary Stampeders back for the third-consecutive year looking to take home the trophy in the house of their biggest rival. Standing in their way are the Ottawa REDBLACKS, who defeated the Stampeders in a Grey Cup classic overtime upset, just two years ago. Thrilled to be on the sidelines of the highly anticipated rematch are TSN’s veteran sideline reporters Matthew Scianitti and Sara Orlesky. With several Grey Cup games under their belts, the duo will be in the middle of the action as the big game unfolds. For the 106th Grey Cup presented by Shaw (Sunday, November 25 at 6 p.m. ET on TSN), both reporters forecast another entertaining championship that even non-football fans can enjoy. Scianitti notes that “you don’t need to follow the CFL to get caught up in the spectacle. It’s colourful, it’s unique, and it’s loud. You won’t be disappointed.” Orlesky echoes that sentiment, noting that “it’s a unique event that’s really interactive for fans. Everyone just wants to have a really good time and enjoy a weekend celebrating Canadian football.” Also making an appearance in Edmonton this year are Scianitti’s custom Grey Cup sneakers; an iconic look of Grey Cup weekend and a true fan favourite. And Scianitti promises not to disappoint viewers as he is prepared to face any weather in his beloved Chuck Taylors. “I’ll bring what I need to stay warm, but sometimes style means more than comfort. I think I’ve stepped up my shoe game this year, so look out!” As they packed their shoes for the 106th Grey Cup presented by Shaw, Scianitti and Orlesky were asked about championships past, what to expect this year, and more: Q: What is your favourite part of Grey Cup weekend? Scianitti: “Just before kickoff, as the teams come on the field, and while the anthem is playing; those moments ahead of the game where the anticipation grows.” Orlesky: “The atmosphere. It can’t be beat. I recognize so many CFL fans from various cities and I love that everyone wears their respective team clothing but all party together. It’s just a unique event with unique fans.” Q: Do you have a favourite Grey Cup memory? Scianitti: “In 2014, I was steps away from Hamilton Tiger-Cats returner Brandon Banks as he dropped to the ground in the end zone in pure joy thinking he had just won the Grey Cup with a last second kick return touchdown. Around him, Calgary Stampeders sunk to their knees. Then someone pointed out the referee’s flag and emotions flipped. It was surreal.” Orlesky: “I am fortunate to have worked the sideline for every Grey Cup broadcast on TSN, so I can’t pick just one favourite moment. I will say that I always love a good underdog story, or any time a veteran gets that first championship win.” Q: How does playing in Edmonton affect the game? Scianitti: “Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium is the biggest stadium in the CFL, so there will be over 60,000 fans right in the action. There’s also the weather; November in Edmonton is really cold and likely snowy…but I’ll still be in my sneakers” Q: How will you conquer the Edmonton weather? Orlesky: “I’m already obsessively checking the weather because I get cold really easily, so I’ll be in layers the entire trip. But typically I wear two layers under snow pants, three under my jacket, a toque, a scarf, and warmers on the tops and bottoms of my feet.”