W5 Investigates Flagrant and Repeated Abuse of Calves in Canadian Veal Industry, Saturday on CTV

— April 16, 2014

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TORONTO (April 16, 2014) – This week, W5 exposes the horrific conditions inside a Canadian veal farm as revealed through an exclusive hidden-camera investigation. Premiering Saturday, April 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV GO, and also available on-demand on CTV News GO, “CRUEL BUSINESS” offers viewers a disturbing look inside a veal farming facility normally hidden from public view, where the practices and standards are revealed to be grossly inhumane.

W5 senior reporter Victor Malarek investigates a milk-fed veal barn in Pont Rouge, near Quebec City. Video of the farm, secretly taped by an undercover investigator with the animal rights organization Mercy for Animals Canada, was provided exclusively to W5, and shows calves enduring alarming conditions and treatment. The video shows calves confined to small crates, living in unsanitary conditions, and being handled roughly. Moreover, the hidden camera video reveals disturbing images of sick calves suffering needlessly after being improperly euthanized.

W5 takes the video to Geoff Urton, a farm animal specialist with the SPCA in B.C., and to Dr. Ted Friend, a professor of animal behaviour and wellbeing at Texas A & M University, both of whom are appalled by the mistreatment of these calves shown in the undercover footage.

W5 speaks with Jean Jacques Bonnet, the animal technician responsible for monitoring conditions at the Pont Rouge Barn, who insists he was unaware of any mistreatment of the calves. W5 also reviews the Canadian Veal Code – a 20-page document last updated in 1998 – which provides guidelines on the care and handling of veal calves. But as Toronto lawyer and animal rights activist Lesli Bisgould points out, the Code is voluntary, with food industry efficiency taking priority over the welfare of animals.

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