W5 Update: Impactful Investigations

— October 19, 2018

Canada’s most-watched documentary series, W5 (Saturdays at 7 p.m ET/PT on CTV), is now in its 53rd season of investigating and uncovering hidden, hushed, and heart-pounding stories in Canada and around the world. But the stories don’t stop at the end of each episode. In the segment below, W5 explores the outcomes and public impact of its investigative mission, and the major developments that have resulted from several recent stories. “Suspect  Zero” (original air date: Sept. 22, 2018) revealed the disturbing back story to the 2012 police investigations into three disappearances from Toronto’s Gay Village that eventually led to the arrest of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur. In the week following W5’s broadcast, a judge unsealed highly sought-after documents from the 2012 investigation, many which included redacted details. Alleged killer McArthur is due to appear in court on Monday, Oct. 22. “Jet Lagged” (original air date: Sept. 30, 2017) examined Canada’s antiquated policies on airline pilots’ shifts and the resulting fatigue they experience on the job. One year after the episode’s airing, U.S. federal safety officials (NTSB) claim an Air Canada flight’s near-crash landing in San Francisco was the result of pilot fatigue, after a shift lasting two hours longer than NASA’s safety recommendation, and far longer than the permissible limit in the United States. The fight to address outdated regulations and improve pilot and passenger safety is ongoing. “Mesh Misery” (original air date: Sept. 30, 2017) investigated life-threatening post-op complications from widely-used surgical mesh products. In the month following W5’s broadcast, the British government began a debate on whether an inquiry into the safety of mesh in the common transvaginal mesh implant (TVT) procedure was required after hundreds of women spoke out about the harmful complications. W5’s Medical Correspondent Avis Favaro interviewed Chrissy Brajcic, who suffered from chronic infections and pain as a result of a “simple” mesh surgery. Brajcic was re-admitted to hospital just four months after her interview with W5, where she died at the age of 42. W5’s 53rd season continues Saturdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, with two investigations this week. In “The Unkindest Cut”, Favaro examines the popular LASIK eye surgery. In Canada alone, 83,000 people undergo this elective procedure every year. Now, a small group of patients is speaking out about a severe and rare complication – debilitating eye pain that has cost some their jobs and has left others contemplating suicide. W5 takes a closer look at this rare but life-altering complication and the demands of affected patients. In “Pot Pioneers”, W5 welcomes new Investigative Correspondent Peter Akman, who discovers how one Indigenous leader plans to become a pot industry magnate in Canada. TSN’s Rick Westhead also sits down with former athletes to discuss how legalized cannabis offers profit and new hope for those living with pain and injury.