This Week on W5 – Fortune Takers / Hany’s Journey

— March 16, 2016

Airdate: Saturday, March 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV GO, and Promo for W5’s episode this weekAvailable on W5’s Facebook Page Video Clips: Available upon request to Interview Opportunities: Sandie Rinaldo is available for interviews on Friday, March 18. Please contact with interview requests. KEY STORYLINE: This week, Sandie Rinaldo reports W5’s “FORTUNE TAKERS”, an undercover, hidden-camera investigation revealing how some psychics meticulously prey on vulnerable clients. Many communities across Canada have at least one location with a neon sign adorned with an all-seeing eye in the front window or at the door, advertising the services of a self-proclaimed psychic. The claims can be fantastic: talking to the dead, removing curses, and predicting the future. For some customers it’s nothing more than a fun escape, but as W5’s joint investigation undertaken alongside the Toronto Star reveals, for true believers it may cost thousands of dollars. W5 casts an inquisitive eye on both sides of this less-than-supernatural story as Rinaldo interviews a self-described legitimate psychic who discusses what she describes as ‘fake’ mediums earning up to six-figure incomes from telling fortunes. Two undercover investigators obtain video evidence of the services these clairvoyants provide and the advice they offer – for a price. Also this week, W5 Co-Host and Correspondent Kevin Newman delivers “HANY’S JOURNEY” an inspirational look at one young Syrian refugee Hany Al Mouria. His parents, along with his five brothers and sisters are among the more than 25,000 refugees who fled the civil war in Syria and have since been accepted into Canada. W5 documents the challenges they face – learning a new country, new customs, a new language, and trying to find work in a tough economy. W5 follows the family from a refugee camp in Lebanon where Hany, who is legally blind, discovers a new talent – photography – through to their acceptance as refugees by Canada, and their early days in their new home in Regina. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Twitter: @SandieR_CTV @CTVW5 @Koschany @CTV_PR @CTV_Television   Facebook:   For more information, please contact: Patricia Garcia, Bell Media, 416.384.2645 or


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