What's the Word? THE AMAZING RACE CANADA Season 7 Competitors Break It Down

— June 28, 2019


Special to The Lede

Sometimes it’s just a few words, a small hint, a little bit of insight into someone’s personality, that makes you say, “THAT’s going to be a factor on THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.”

After talking to all 10 teams competing in Season 7 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA  debuting Tuesday, July 2 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV, we picked out some select quotes that may prove to be poignant, or revealing, or prophetic, as the competition gets going:

AARTHY and THINESH (Dating Couple)

AARTHY: “When I've watched the show, a lot of it is, you just have to stop and ask for help! People who don't travel, it's not something they're comfortable doing. But we've travelled a lot, so we’ll stop and be like, 'Hey, do you know where this place is?' We totally have no shame in the game in that sense! Why would you run around a city when you could just ask a local?”

THINESH: “I'd always thought it would be cool to be on a game show. But this is a little bit more extreme! When we applied, it’s like, you don't REALLY plan what you're going to spend the money on when you buy a lottery ticket. But here we are!”

ANTHONY and JAMES (Married Couple)

JAMES: “We're endurance athletes, so we're not worried about the rigour or intensity. We'll be able to handle that. But with that, it also means we understand the limitations of our bodies, understanding what our bodies are saying, and really tuning into that, as well as our spirits.”

ANTHONY: “We live THE AMAZING RACE CANADA lifestyle already. We also live a ceremonial lifestyle, which often means doing things last-minute and responding to diverse situations. But our biggest weakness could simply be the way the show is designed. If we can't anticipate who can do what, because we're so specialized, that could be a huge disadvantage.”

DAVE and IRINA (Married Couple)

DAVE: “Since we've been together, three years ago, we've never spent a night apart. So we already know each other very well. Conflicts are inevitable. That's normal. But at the core, we have a pact of always being together, and this race doesn't infringe on that pact.”

IRINA: “But the real challenge is being together 24 hours a day without phones! We might be at each other's throats. My husband is a professional martial artist and bareknuckle boxing champion, but I'm pretty lazy. So I'm curious to see how I'm going to be in this kind of situation.”

GILLES and SEAN (Grandfather and Grandson)

SEAN: “We didn't choose this, my mother chose it for us! She said, 'I think you guys would be good on this show.' Now, she thought it was more of a 'find your way around' show, and perhaps didn't quite realize how challenging it actually is. There’s an extreme age gap, 45 years between us. But even though I’m the younger one, I’m the scared one of the group.”

GILLES: “Everyone is going to think that he's the young one who's going to be jumping out of an airplane. It won't be him, it'll be me. I'm the one who does all the crazy crap.”

JET and DAVE (Best Friends and Canada’s Choice)

JET: “When we were on Season 1, there was no doubt in my mind we were going to win. We had a lot of fun, but because I was sure we’d finish on top, that allowed me to be completely stress-free. Now I know, ‘Oh, the sky can fall out of nowhere.’ So I do feel more pressure.”

DAVE: “I think I'm going to be more honest about who I don't like this time. If someone's being really mean, I think I'm more likely to be like, 'They're a jerk.' There were people in Season 1 that I didn't enjoy during the race. I'm going to call them out this time.”

LAUREN and JOANNE (Sisters)

LAUREN: “I think our greatest strength is our relationship. That's my little sister. She has not existed without me in her life. We function as one moving unit, as opposed to separate people. So even if we have a little spat, the worst that this can throw at us, we have experienced worse together. And I hate to toot my own horn, but we're funny.”

JOANNE: “Our dynamic is very interesting to watch, we've heard that from a lot of people. But I would say our greatest weakness might be our perfectionist attitudes.”

MEAGHAN and MARIE (Twin Sisters)

MARIE: “Since we first applied for Season 2, we have both come out of the closet, separately. We have graduated university. We have run our business full time and had that experience together. I broke my neck. We made two documentaries. We've travelled around the world. There have been so many life experiences. So we feel like this is definitely our year.”

MEAGHAN: “But, um, if there's a detour, and there's something to do with dancing, we will not be dancing. We're both just awful at dancing. We don't dance.”

NICKI and AISHA (Best Friends)

NICKI: “I do tend to seek thrill. I'm a thrill-seeker. I'm the person who has done Tough Mudder (an endurance event series).”

AISHA: “I'm good at anything artistic, music, painting, things with the hands, strategy, remembering, figuring things out. But I'm terrified of heights. And I'm not a strong swimmer. I wear contacts, I'm blind without my contacts, so going into water? Yeah, right!”

SARAH and SAM (Teammates)

SARAH: “We've already had the whole nation watching us, competing for Canada in track. So if we're starting to feel as if we're going to get kicked off, and we want to give up, we know we shouldn't. Because the whole TV audience might know that we're NOT in last place, even if we think we are. So if you ever did give up in that moment, you might throw it all away.”

SAM: “A weakness for me is any type of eating challenge. I'm very specific on what I'm eating. If I'm eating a bug, and I see blood and guts flying out, that's going to be tough.”

TRISH and AMY (Friends)

TRISH: “We're going to have to make sure we're in good communication. Amy has a hearing disability, so when we're doing tasks that might separate us, I can't just say, 'Hey Amy, bring that down here!' I’ll have to run to her, or catch her eye. We can't just yell.”

AMY: “I hope we come across as strong, fierce women who are real competitors. We've already been racing, doing triathlons. People might think, 'Oh, they're just older moms, and they're blonde.' But we want to do the ultimate race of all races, the mother of all races!”