YOUR MORNING Gives Viewers Exclusive Access to Montréal Fashion Week

— August 15, 2019

YOUR MORNING News Anchor, Lindsey Deluce gives viewers an inside look at the largest outdoor fashion and design event in North America as she travels to Montréal Fashion Week for the first time. Celebrated annually, The Fashion and Design Festival takes place in Quartier des Spectacles in Montréal and other locations around the city from August 19 - 24, bringing together Canadian designers, international fashion icons, labels, and performers. Festivities include live creative sessions and design showcasing, as well as musical performances, dance competitions, and even free yoga classes.

In celebration of Montréal Fashion Week, Deluce chats with Guillaum Chaigne, a Montréal based fashion designer who specializes in high-end streetwear, inside his showroom. Deluce also speaks with local Montréal designer Eve Gravel, whose company is celebrating more than 15 years of business and creation.

Montréal based fashion designer Guillaum Chaigne
Local Montréal designer Eve Gravel

YOUR MORNING’s exclusive interviews with Guillaum Chaigne and Eve Gravel air Thursday, Aug. 22 on CTV, beginning 6-9 a.m. ET.

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