From the East Coast to the Prairies, YOUR MORNING Travels Across Several Provinces as it Follows the 2019 Canadian Federal Election

— September 24, 2019

Leading up to Election Day on Monday, Oct. 21, CTV’s YOUR MORNING is showcasing a different issue at the forefront of the election each week, bringing viewers and voters closer to the important conversations emphasized by the candidates.

YOUR MORNING’s election coverage includes:

Climate Change (Sept. 23 – 27):

This week, YOUR MORNING dives into the issue of climate change; the promises made by candidates, international obligations, the balance between the environment and economy, and how climate change is affecting the Canadian agricultural industry.

On Friday, Sept. 27, news anchor Lindsey Deluce is live from The Forks in Winnipeg to look at how the campaign is playing out across the Prairies. She’ll also focus on how the campaigns are addressing issues affecting rural Canadians and Indigenous communities.

Jobs (Sept. 30 – Oct. 4):

YOUR MORNING examines the parties’ promises about Canadian jobs, including a look at discrimination in the workforce, labour shortages, and job creation. The segments take a deeper look into sectors where job security is dwindling, and how Canadians are affected.

On Friday, Oct. 4, YOUR MORNING host Anne-Marie Mediwake broadcasts live from Mississauga, Ont. in a report on the fight for votes in Ontario’s 905 region.

Healthcare (Oct. 7 – 11):

YOUR MORNING takes a look into healthcare in Canada, including the promise of a national pharmacare program, issues of hospital wait times, and the doctor shortage in Nova Scotia.

On Friday, Oct. 11, Mediwake broadcasts live from Halifax and speaks with a first-time voter, discusses homelessness, and looks at what else is at play across the region.

Infrastructure (Oct. 15 – 18):

The final week of coverage focuses on infrastructure, exploring what has been promised for Canada’s roads, transit, rail, and airlines.

On Friday, Oct. 18, YOUR MORNING host Ben Mulroney broadcasts live from Montréal and discusses election issues resonating within the province.

YOUR MORNING covers the final hours of the race for Prime Minister on Monday, Oct. 21.

YOUR MORNING airs weekdays from 6-9 a.m. ET on CTV, CTV app, and CTV News Channel.