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Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, SALEM explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth cloaked behind the veil of this infamous period in American history. In Salem, witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem to be. The series, which centers on an epic romance wrapped around this explosive revelation, delivers a bold new vision of Salem – and an even bolder new vision of witches.


  • S3 - Episode 310

    "Black Sunday"

    On the eve of Salem’s demise, only one question remains: who will survive?

  • S3 - Episode 309

    "Saturday Mourning"

    Tituba finishes reassembling the Devil’s mortal vessel and only one step remains for him to walk on Earth again... the Hell-door in Sibley Mansion must be opened from the inside. As a weakened Mary remains vigilant in her bid to prevent that eventuality, she is faced with travails both physical and mental.

  • S3 - Episode 308

    "Friday's Knights"

    Mortal enemies are forced to work together to keep the door to hell locked.

  • S3 - Episode 307

    "The Man Who Was Thursday"

    Sebastian tries to convince Mary to flee Salem with him so they can be together, but she says her leaving Salem may be beyond either of their control. Taking advantage of his love for her, Mary tries to turn the Baron into an ally against her son, but his – and others’ – true loyalty is tested when Mary makes a dangerous move.

  • S3 - Episode 306

    "Wednesday's Child"

    Anne brings the pregnant Gloriana back to her home and gives her a place to stay, but her motives may not be as altruistic as they seem. As the Devil prepares to finally set his endgame into motion, it cannot come quick enough for his “brother,” the Sentinel, whose patience is clearly wearing thin; the mounting tension between the two fallen angels is palpable and does not go unnoticed.

  • S3 - Episode 305

    "The Witch Is Back"

    Having learned from Tituba that he is to be a father, Cotton returns to Salem of his own volition in a bid to protect Anne and their unborn child from the Devil’s wrath. The move leads to a new place for Cotton to live, and a new role for him to play. Mary receives an unexpected visit from Tituba who brings a dire warning, suggesting not all her allies are what they appear.

  • S3 - Episode 304

    "Night's Black Agent"

    Having discovered that Cotton has rid himself of her familiar, Anne learns her husband is traveling to Boston to reveal the demonic goings-on in Salem. If he is successful, it will surely spell trouble for the forces of Darkness. When the Devil learns of this, he commands that Cotton be swiftly recaptured at any cost, and promises terrible reprisal if he is not.

  • S3 - Episode 303

    The Reckoning

    Following her failed attempt at killing her son, the Devil, Mary finds her own life spared by the boy; despite still breathing, her betrayal is not without terrifying consequences. Mercy’s gruesome spell over Hathorne gains his servitude, but he finds the cure may be worse than the ailment as she lays out what is expected of him in return for sparing his life.

  • S213 - Episode

    With her mission seemingly accomplished, the Countess Marburg revels in the apparent completion of her plans, unaware that the object of her devotion has desires which may be in direct conflict to hers. And one of her most trusted allies grows increasingly weary of the Countess’s treatment, leading to an unexpected act of defiance. Emotionally drained by recent events, an all-but-defeated Mary stages a last-ditch effort against the Countess. Meanwhile, John is visited by a pair of unexpected allies who deliver a fateful message; Mercy comes to learn a stark reality, leaving her to face an uncertain future; an unrepentant and increasingly powerful Anne faces the personal consequences of her duplicitous actions, leading her down an even darker path; and when Cotton learns an unwelcome truth, his reaction is initially mixed, until a startling confession strengthens his resolve… but it may already be too late.

  • S212 - Episode

    With the Starry Messenger comet drawing ever closer, John Alden fights for his very life, while Anne Hale works to comfort and protect one whose life or death brings with it great consequences for Witch and mortal alike. She soon learns another unfathomable secret about her past, and finds she’s faced with a terrifying decision that could greatly impact the Countess’s plans. Mary, palpably affected by recent events, finds herself in a wholly unfamiliar situation, leading her to try a risky gambit. Meanwhile, when John shares shocking and unbelievable information with Cotton, it leads the younger Mather to seek out answers on his own, but he discovers only more questions; Mercy pursues desires of her own, but finds another’s prediction to be fatefully and disappointingly accurate; and Isaac finds himself in a rare and unexpected position among his fellows.

  • S211 - Episode

    As the Countess and her son move against two of John Alden’s valued allies, Mary suffers under the yoke of Puritan oppression stemming from an alliance between the Marburgs and another of Mary’s powerful enemies in Salem. But even as she seems to be at her most hopeless, Mary tries to take advantage of a widening schism between mother and son. As John and Cotton proceed with their monumental and unfamiliar task, each must process new information and gather strength to aid them in what lies ahead. Meanwhile, wracked with guilt and sorrow, a mournful Isaac pays a surprise visit to an already somber town gathering, Anne Hale finds the fate of many may rest in her novice – but powerful – Witch’s hands, and John and Cotton get the first glimpses of the enemy they are facing.

  • S210 - Episode

    As the Countess Marburg prepares for the imminent arrival of the “Starry Messenger” and her lover, the Dark Lord, Mary stages a last ditch effort to thwart the eternal Witch’s plans, but her success or failure may rest in the hands of others who each have something important at stake. After getting devastating news, Anne Hale finds she is faced with making a time-sensitive decision that could have far reaching consequences, and it takes knowing words from another interested party to strengthen her resolve. Even so, the young Witch finds herself at a crossroads and faced with yet another important choice to make – a choice that may determine the fate of all in Salem. Meanwhile, Cotton Mather faces his imminent demise - the result of Magistrate Hawthorne’s jealous treachery - until an unlikely party intervenes. But his rescue could come at a price that he may be unwilling – or even unable - to pay.

  • S29 - Episode

    As the “Starry Messenger” comet approaches Earth, heralding the culmination of the Witches’ dark plan, the Countess Marburg makes a long awaited acquaintance with one who plays a pivotal role in her and the others’ cause. Mary and Wainwright grow closer, their mutual affection heightened by recently discovered revelations, but as the pair plans for the next steps along the journey she has in store for him, another - displeased with these recent developments - takes matters into his own hands. Even as Mary prepares to strike against the Countess, she receives news that shakes her to the core. As Cotton tries to reason out information recently revealed to him, the betrayal of a recently made ally may spell his mortal doom. Meanwhile, Anne continues to glean knowledge from her dead father’s writings, and a long-brewing feud reaches a tipping point, culminating in a surprising and potentially game-changing disclosure.

  • S28 - Episode

    When a plan of Mary’s threatens to backfire on her, she strikes a tenuous deal in order to achieve her greater goal. While she learns a bit of the history which surrounds her newest and most dangerous foe, the key to defeating the Countess still remains hidden. Both Anne and Cotton receive unexpected late-night visitors, each of which results in very different conclusions. As Mary tries to bond with her son, she and Tituba discover that the seemingly scared and vulnerable little boy is harboring unsettling thoughts and predilections... and perhaps even darker secrets. Meanwhile, with the help of her familiar, Anne Hale begins to discover some of her father’s hidden – and unsettling – secrets; Tituba tries to strike a deal with the captured John Alden; Dr. Wainwright discovers that, perhaps, science alone does not hold all the answers he seeks; and Mary makes a much-needed - and unexpected - ally.

  • S27 - Episode

    Mary resorts to drastic measures in a bid to attain valuable information for use in combating the Countess, and she tries to shore up her political hold over Salem with a move that could either assure her success or seal her fate. As Anne Hale continues her Witch’s tutorial, she learns that getting what she desires comes at a cost, and that in order to continue on her seemingly powerful path she must still remain supplicant to others. As the Countess and her son, Sebastian, continue to work their plan, they are presented with a rare glimpse into their enemy’s stronghold where a fascinating introduction is made, and their cause is made stronger by a new but unpredictable ally. Wainwright returns to Salem having gained some measure of information that may shed light on the town’s particular strain of plague, but further investigation reveals shocking results. Meanwhile, Tituba makes plans for her recently captured prey, and Cotton gets a surprising visit.

  • S26 - Episode

    The Countess Marburg arrives in Salem bearing gifts for the citizenry and advice for Mary. As she plans her next move, her son Sebastian remains preoccupied by less puritanical matters. While Anne Hale reflects both guiltily and gleefully on her recent activities, Cotton Mather – fueled by magic, alcohol, or perhaps by true emotion – comes to blows with another of Salem’s powerful leaders. The ensuing battle leads to an outcome that might either help or hinder Mary’s plans. John Alden pursues his deadly mission and – finding himself seriously weakened by his recent and repeated uses of unfamiliar magic – seeks respite in a familiar place... with surprising results. Meanwhile, Cotton makes a measured confession, two of Salem’s most damaged residents continue to find solace in each other, Mercy encounters a potential new ally, and Mary seeks out help from an unexpected source.

  • S25 - Episode

    In order to fend of Hathorne’s continued bid for power, Mary once again forces George into her service. Following a not-so-veiled threat, Anne is faced with a choice between the lesser of two evils. Mercy’s plan for revenge reaches grisly heights.

  • S24 - Episode

    In a bid to determine who orchestrated the recent attack against her, Mary begins to tutor Anne in the ways of witchcraft. Cotton’s return to Salem leads to his making a potential new ally. John’s actions spark a hunt for a killer.

  • S23 - Episode

    A recent foe’s bid for power leads Mary to make a risky play in an attempt to preserve her control over the citizenry of Salem. John returns to Salem and takes the first steps in the epic task that lies before him.

  • S23 - Episode

    As the town of Salem continues to try and cope with the mounting plague, suspicions and fear grip the townspeople, and one of Mary’s recent adversaries takes steps to place himself in a position of power among the citizenry, leading Mary to rally her allies and resort to making a risky play in her bid to maintain control of the town. Meanwhile, Anne and Cotton find they share some common ground, an earlier act of mercy may come back to haunt Mary, tensions of a less-than-Puritan nature continue to smolder between Mary and Dr. Wainwright, John arrives back in Salem and makes his first move in the epic task that lies before him, and Mary and Tituba make a troubling discovery.

  • S22 - Episode

    Mary embarks on an act of retribution against Mercy and moves forward to complete her Hive’s dark plan. Dr. Wainwright continues in his search for an answer to the growing plague, creating concern for Mary, Tituba and for the Selectmen. Burgeoning Witch Anne takes an unexpected journey with mixed results. John prepares for the epic task that awaits him back in Salem.

  • S21 - Episode

    As Salem suffers under a great plague - the result of the Grand Rite - Mary tries to secure her hold over Salem’s Witch and human population, while a willful Mercy Lewis enacts her own dark plans. Back in Boston, Cotton Mather faces questions about his failure in Salem.

  • S113 - Episode

    While John and Mary plan to flee Salem together, others in town work to prevent their departure, leading to an inevitable showdown. Increase reveals his endgame to Cotton, prompting the younger Mather to take drastic action. Anne learns a long-hidden secret.

  • S112 - Episode

    As John Alden’s trial for witchcraft commences he is faced with an accusation he is helpless to refute, causing even his staunchest ally to doubt his innocence. Cotton’s search for answers leaves him with even more questions. Mercy makes a promise she cannot keep. Mary gets advice from an unlikely source.

  • S111 - Episode

    Mary uses all the powers at her disposal to free John Alden from the Salem jail before Increase Mather puts him on trial for witchcraft. Magistrate Hale reveals a secret to his daughter, unsure of how she will react.

  • S110 - Episode

    The fanatically devout Increase Mather transforms Salem’s recently shuttered brothel into his own brutal – and aptly named – “House of Pain” from where he will conduct his torturous interrogations of suspected witches. Despite the protestations of both Cotton and Mary – each of whom object to the imminent torture for their own, personal reasons - Increase begins his examination of Tituba in a bid to learn the identity of the Salem Hive’s leader. But despite his clear mastery of a wide array of tools designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain, he discovers the key to gaining the information he seeks lies deeper than any physical torment he can muster. When Anne’s curiosity finally gets the best of her, she discovers one of her father’s mystical artifacts that confirm her suspicions of him... and reveals something of her own true nature. When she suddenly vanishes from their home without a trace, a harried Magistrate Hale – unable to resort to witchcraft to locate his daughter and spurred on by his wife – reluctantly seeks out John Alden’s help in rescuing his daughter from the dank Salem woods. Meanwhile, distraught by his father’s actions yet helpless to stop them, a desperate Cotton makes a fateful decision that leads to an unexpected epiphany for the junior Mather

  • S19 - Episode

    Having freed himself of Mary’s familiar, an unconscious George Sibley rests under the watchful eye of Increase Mather, who has determined that it is indeed witchery that has befallen the former town leader. While the elder Mather waits for George to wake and identify the witch who had bespelled him, Mary takes steps to ensure her husband remains silent, and charges the easily manipulated Isaac to act on her behalf. Each jealous of the other’s feelings towards Mary, the relationship between Tituba and Mercy continues to strain... prompting one to take action in a bid to impress their mistress, and resulting in an unseemly act of betrayal. Meanwhile, John helps Anne with repairs to the orphanage and makes a new friend in the process; Cotton struggles to cope with Gloriana’s banishment and has an eye-opening conversation with his father, and Mary is summoned before the Ancient Council to answer for recent events affecting the Hive.

  • S18 - Episode

    Following the unexpected arrival of Increase Mather in Salem, the renowned witch-hunter wastes no time before uncovering one of the Hive’s members. When the other witches worry that the ensuing interrogation will put them at risk of being exposed, they take action to prevent their own unmasking. When another innocent victim is swept up into the fray, it creates concern for Cotton, leading him to ask John for a very personal favor. Worried that any examination of her bewitched husband by Increase would inevitably reveal her handiwork, Mary takes steps to secret George away from the inquisitor’s prying eyes. When her plan backfires horribly, Mary and her allies scramble to try and prevent the Hive’s exposure... and a vengeful Isaac finds the powerful George Sibley’s life in his hands. Meanwhile, Anne Hale’s growing curiosity and suspicions about her father become an issue for the Magistrate, leading him to consider an act from which there is no returning...

  • S17 - Episode

    Having dealt with one act of rebellion in a decidedly deadly manner, Mary moves to reassert her power over the Hive with a plan designed to collect all the innocent souls needed for the Grand Rite in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, in order to locate and reclaim the powerful, magical artifact (known as the “Malum”) that John Alden has hidden somewhere, a reluctant Tituba performs dangerous, dark magic that allows Mary to enter her former lover’s dreams... a journey that may bring with it unintended – and problematic – real-world consequences for all involved. When a ship bearing human cargo remains stranded at sea, threatening the lives of all on board, one mysterious grim-faced passenger remains convinced that witches - determined to prevent his arrival in Salem - are responsible for the vessel’s troubles. Meanwhile, as Mercy Lewis revels in her newly developing powers, the covetous and vindictive young witch proves to be increasingly difficult to control, causing concern for Tituba. Mary learns that despite her dire warnings, others in the Hive continue to defy her authority, while Cotton receives an unwelcome visitor.

  • S16 - Episode

    Having captured the witch, Rose, in their “Boob’s Trap,” John and Cotton learn that tonight during a once-in-seventeen-year occurrence, the planets will align in such way that any witch – if simultaneously placed in a corresponding location on earth – will be unable to lie. Armed with this knowledge, the pair works to transport their prisoner to the correct coordinates (located in the eerie Salem “Crag”) in order to interrogate her about the witches’ foul plan... a task that proves to be as difficult as it sounds. As Mary takes an aspirational Mercy Lewis under her wing, more is revealed about that night in the woods seven years previous, when Tituba helped Mary take the first steps on her ascendance to power in Salem. But Mary’s ultimate plan for the young girl raises some concerns for Tituba and others in the hive. Meanwhile, Mary and John’s closeted feelings for each other become an issue for both of them, Anne Hale grows suspicious of her father’s curious activities, and one of the hive’s other-worldly allies keeps an important secret as he considers long-term plans of his own.

  • S15 - Episode

    Having been warned that John Alden’s presence in Salem poses a serious threat to their Grand Rite, witches Hale and Rose conspire to try and run the Captain out of town. Mercy Lewis gains a new, empowered perspective of her unique circumstance. Mary learns a terrible secret about John.

  • S14 - Episode

    Despite the potential dangers from the Puritan Selectmen, a desperate Reverend Lewis attempts to free his daughter, Mercy, from whatever witchcraft possesses her by performing the forbidden Catholic ritual of exorcism. In order to satisfy the blood requirement for the witches’ looming Grand Rite, Mary selects the next innocent to fall victim to the witch-hunt. But when the actions of another threaten to derail the sacrifice, Mary’s heretofore unquestioned leadership of the coven is challenged, forcing her to reassert control, in both magical and political ways. A conversation with Anne Hale heightens John’s growing suspicions that her father may be a witch, leading him to the realization that he must now seek to prove it. Sensing the Captain’s concerns, the nervous Magistrate makes a ham-handed attempt to assuage Alden, with little effect. Meanwhile, an acquaintance from John’s past arrives in Salem, bringing with him trouble for both John and Mary; Cotton’s growing (and wholly inappropriate) feelings for Gloriana create tribulation for both the Reverend and the whore; and George Sibley goes to extremes to make a plea for help.

  • S13 - Episode

    With the “Grand Rite” beginning, the witches of Salem must see another innocent victim publicly declared a witch and killed before the next moon. Magistrate Hale has learned that Isaac was witness to the coven’s forest gathering, and learns he was not alone. Seeing it as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, Hale suggests Isaac be the coven’s next target. Mary - who still fondly remembers Isaac from their childhood – objects to the choice, but when Hale defies Mary’s wishes and proceeds to move against Isaac himself, he quickly learns the lengths to which she will go to cement her control over the coven and the town. After presiding over two deaths in as many days, Cotton questions if the convicted witches he sentenced to death were truly guilty or not, and finds himself torn between maintaining the status quo in order to make his father proud of him, or doing what he believes is the “right” thing. Meanwhile, Mary seeks council from a mysterious old friend who offers advice and a prescient warning, and she learns the truth about who was with Isaac that night in the woods, but what she does with that knowledge could have a lasting impact on all in Salem.

  • S12 - Episode

    As an increasingly tormented Cotton Mather begins to bend under the immense pressure of the task before him, namely cleansing Salem - and to a greater extent all of America - of witches, he wonders if his seemingly endless task is worth the cost to those possibly innocent souls swept up in the witch-hunt hysteria. Despite his recent self doubts, Cotton’s actions draw the attention (and ire) of John Alden who – after having his own all-too-real encounter with the supernatural – is ready to believe in witches, and seeks out the Reverend’s help. While Alden feels little but contempt for Cotton, blaming him for the death of his friend Giles Corey, he realizes that the knowledge Cotton possesses will be fundamental in uncovering the truth about their ungodly foes, prompting the formation of an uneasy alliance between the pair. Along with Isaac, the three set out to discover the depths of evil that exists in Salem and the surrounding forest.

  • S11 - Episode

    In the town square of Salem, Massachusetts, the Selectmen, lead by the wealthy and self-righteous George Sibley, maintain community order and uphold the Puritan beliefs of chastity and piety by way of physical torture and public humiliation. Unable to stand living in the shadow of such oppression any longer, young John Alden spends one final night with his love, Mary, before running off to fight in the French and Indian War and vowing that one day he will return to her. While John is unaware of the seed he planted in Mary’s womb the night of their final encounter, the scared young girl is left to her own devices in order to rectify her condition, lest she be branded a “fornicator” - literally - by the town’s leader. The steps she takes to protect herself set in motion a fate for the small community that is far darker than anything anyone could possibly imagine. Seven years later and true to his word, John Alden returns to Salem to reclaim his lost love, but the home he comes back to is far different from the one he left. Not only has Salem become a bustling commercial port, but also a hotbed of supernatural activity. News of witches and witch-hunts terrify the citizens of Salem, and even as a family of presumed witches hangs dead at the town’s entrance, it in no way mitigates the heightened level of hysteria. Salem’s only hope appears to be Harvard educated Cotton Mather, who - while the son of a well-respected witch-trial magistrate himself – seems overwhelmed and ill-prepared to face the very real tribulations that surely lie ahead.