Expédition extrême


Former Montreal Canadiens defenceman Francis Bouillon is now an expedition leader who takes 8 well-known personalities through extreme survival experiences in the new documentary series EXPÉDITION EXTRÊME. For 48 hours, our celebrities are put in dangerous situations inspired by true stories. In each episode, Francis Bouillon and his guest are dropped off in a hostile territory that was the scene of a real-life drama, like hikers getting lost in a forest, mountain climbers taking a nasty spill, or sea kayakers capsizing. Placed in the exact same situation as the victims, Francis Bouillon and his sidekick must find a way to survive with only minimal equipment. Experts will help them make the right decisions based on their location and the ecosystem around them. It’s a chance to live awesome adventures where Mother Nature is in full control and humans are completely vulnerable, as we relentlessly test the resilience and personality of our host and his special guests.